First Trailer for Creed

The first trailer for the upcoming continuation of the Rocky series, titled Creed, has released its first trailer. Creed will focus on a new fighter named Adonis Johnson, who his the son of Apollo Creed, Rocky’s old friend and competitor.

The movie stars Michael B. Jordan as Adonis and he eventually turns to Philly’s greatest fighter to train him when he most needs it. The movie is directed and written by Ryan Coogler, who was the man behind Fruitvale Station where he originally worked with Jordan.

I’m a big fan of Jordan as an actor, and I really want to like this movie. I enjoy the old Rocky movies and think that this is definitely a solid concept to include in the overall franchise. Although I believe the trailer is trying a little hard, I’m definitely going to give this movie a shot, especially with Coogler handling things.

Creed is set for a November 25th release. Between this and Fantastic Four, Jordan could have a pretty good acting year.

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The Disappointment that has Become SK Gaming


Back during the S4 Summer Split was when I first got into the League of Legends pro scene. I wanted to better myself at the game and was amazed by how professional and big of a following there was for League. At first, I did some research and just tried to find out which teams my favorite streamers were a part of. For the NA scene, I latched onto CLG because I first played support and had grown with Aphromoo; however, watching the two days of NA games each week wasn’t enough… I was hooked, I needed more.

This caused me to turn to the EU scene and add an additional two days of watching that extended my days with League on to four. It was awesome. I remember watching my first two days of EU not knowing anything about the teams, but I was ready to explore the scene. After my first two days of watching, I immediately fell in love with SK Gaming. I remember being amazed at some of the plays made by their jungler, Svenskeren, which is really what attracted me to the team. That pretty much decided it; I was prepared to support CLG and SK Gaming as the split moved forward.


At the time, the SK Gaming roster consisted of Jesiz in the mid lane, Fredy in the top lane, Sven in the jungle, and the bot lane duo of Candy Panda and NRated. It was clear that Svenskeren and Fredy were the immediate standouts on the team, and I loved their play-making ability and dominance. I didn’t mind Jesiz, but it was definitely clear that he could not be a carry laner and had a limited champ pool. Being unfamiliar with the scene, players in the Challenger Series, or what a real dominant mid laner could do, I didn’t mind Jesiz at first and was willing to give him a chance because he was new. Then there was the bot lane… I was never against Candy Panda and NRated, but I believed that they were easily the weakest link on the team, and really just never felt like they were pulling through for the team.

SK made it to Worlds that split, and after the Svenskeren debacle, fans of SK and supporters of EU never got an honest showing from the team until their final game when Sven returned. As disappointing as this was, I wasn’t too upset because I was new to it all. During the long off-season, SK made a decent amount of moves; they dumped Jesiz, dropped Candy Panda and brought on a new coach. This thrilled me because I felt as though they were directly addressing the teams biggest needs and were willing to do what it takes to be the best and return to Worlds.



This new era of SK Gaming, which starts in this year’s S5 Spring Split, featured the relatively unknown newcomer, Fox, in the mid-lane, as well as the much hyped Forg1ven in the ADC role. With the upgraded role of coaches, SK had InnerFlame helping the team with their picks and bans on stage for the split. After reading up on all of the hype about Forg1ven, I was pretty confident in SK coming into the Spring Split and was excited for this new roster. While Fox seemed relatively unknown, I trusted the decisions made.



As the split began and progressed, SK was dominating, and the team seemed to be in a very good place. Forg1ven was a farming master and seemed to be playing very smart by making an impact in every little place he could. Fox took a little longer to come out of his shell, but when he showed up, it was awesome, because he revealed that he could easily carry as well. SK really seemed to be on top of the world; not only were their newcomers putting on a show, but Fredy seemed to be playing at the complete top of his game with Sven coming through like always. While the team dynamic seemed confident on the surface, it turned out behind the scenes there were some problems.

After some hiccups towards the end of the season and a disappointing showing in the playoffs with a surprising loss to H2K, SK had crumbled on par or worse than CLG. I was really let down as a fan because I thought this was the year for them to establish dominance moving forward. As the season closed out, the news reports began to come out and reveal that the team chemistry wasn’t working out; Forg1ven was unhappy with NRated as a support and wanted him replaced for someone younger and fresher, possibly with a deeper desire to win at all costs.

In the end, it left the organization with the ultimatum decision of Forg1ven or Nrated.  It’s a tough position to be in, because choosing one could easily ruin the entire team dynamic or player’s feelings, it happens all the time in all sports. After discussion with the individual players, management decided to choose loyalty over business, which is the biggest problem I have with the LCS at this point. The team opted to drop Forg1ven and keep NRated due to his history with the team and long time friendship with guys like Fredy and Sven.

As a result of this decision, InnerFlame departed soon after because he saw the team moving into a new era that centered itself around these new, carrying players. I thought that he was correct in realizing the opportunity that SK had right in front of them, and never blamed him for leaving. As the Summer Split approached, SK decided to bring back friend of the organization, Candy Panda, to work with his former support and hopefully give SK the same roster that allowed them to make Worlds with an improved mid laner.

As the Summer Split began, I had a bad feeling that SK would flop and not return to their status in the top three of the EU LCS because of their changes. Through five weeks, it has been a huge struggle, and the team currently sits in a tie for last place with a 2-7 record as they head into the second day of Week 5. While there are sometimes glimpses of completeness and a return to their former dominance, the team somehow discovers a way to drop the ball, which clearly happened in their game yesterday versus Elements.

The game versus Elements was completely controlled by SK; Fredy was confidently playing Shen top lane, they were winning team fights, they had control… but could never close it out. The team seems to have no dominant shot caller and there is no more Forg1ven to either be split pushing or contributing to team fights. It was a mess, and a complete throw as they lost in an extremely long 55 minute or so game.

It really pushed my frustrations over the edge.

You would think that if a team had a superstar talent (Forg1ven), they would want to build around him for the greatest chance at success. If Lebron James tells the Cleveland Cavaliers’ management he doesn’t want this player on the team because they can upgrade to someone with better skill, they aren’t going to say, “sorry Lebron, but player X has been here for awhile now and we are loyal to him, so you can take a walk.” No. These organizations will do whatever it takes to win.

This really struck a sour note with me, because I think throughout all of the NA and EU scene, the biggest problem with organizations is that they are still too young and too close to the players to make good business decisions. While the League of Legends scene is still very young as a whole and learning as it goes, I think organizations are too close to their players to make honest and adequate business decisions. It’s tough right now, because these coaches and managers are all around the same age as their players, and have emotional friendships with them. The scene hasn’t existed for long enough to have established and experienced coaches who were former players.

When you look at some of the top coaches, like Delior for Fnatic, they are older and have experience in another type of strategic game, poker. Fnatic seems to trust and listen to their coach; he understands they are better at the game, but he has great macro strategic knowledge. Whereas as teams like Dignitas and CLG took a chance hiring Scarra as their coach, who is now back competing, young, and good friends with most players.

I think SK falls into the Dignitas/CLG side of that comparison and missed the opportunity to really build their team for the future. I’ve come to fall in love with Reginald from a business perspective, because he founded TSM, realized when younger talent surpassed his skills, and was able to confidently step down so he didn’t selfishly jeopardize the team’s future. It was his team, so he still had ultimate control, but he turned into one of, if not, the best manager in the scene. The reason TSM stays dominant is because they function like a true sports team; if something isn’t working as well as it should, they will replace the player or at the very least, hold a tryout with hopes that it can re-motivate the veteran.

When Xpecial no longer fit in with the overall team chemistry, they replaced him with Gleeb. When Gleeb suffered from lack of experience and personal illness, they replaced him with superstar Lustboy. After their poor showing at MSI, Reginald recognized that their weak points came from long time members Dyrus and WildTurtle. Dyrus became motivated and put in the dedication to show he was still relevant while the team currently finds themselves holding an in house tryout with Keith to possibly replace WildTurtle.

These aren’t easy decisions, and if you watch the amazingly professional and informative videos that TSM releases, Regi doesn’t find pleasure in having to possibly get rid of a longtime friend and player who has done so much for the team; however, he recognizes that business is business, and if something isn’t working, you can’t feel bad and dwell on it for too long or else the team and organization as a whole will be hurt by it.

I understand and respect loyalty and friendship; they are two qualities I love about people, but when it comes to sports and business, those can only exist to an extent. Being a CLG fan, I know everything about “hype,” around a roster, but I always felt that HotShots closeness to his players held the team back. Yet, he seems to get it now. The team dropped Scarra for a more analytical approach with their coaching and replaced longtime mid laner, Link, who many believed was no longer dedicated or focused on the game.

While only time will tell with CLG, it’s sad to see my favorite EU team fall victim to this process. While Forg1ven isn’t finding anymore success with Gambit than SK is this split, at least their team was immediately ready to add the ADC and drop P1noy. There are only nine games left in the Summer Split, which means if SK somehow found a second half surge and won all of them, they would be able to achieve an 11-7 record which would probably land them in the playoffs and the top half of the standings. We know that won’t happen. Realistically, the team will hopefully find their chemistry and at least avoid having to play for relegation.

While SK will always have a place in my heart, I have been following Origen since Xpeke initially revealed his new organization. When Origen announced their roster, I hopped on board and routed for them from the beginning. Although I’ve been more interested in Origen this split, I still pull for SK just as much. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for everyone and the organization can figure things out in the off season. Personally, I think they need a better bot lane, but I’m no expert; but it’s clear something needs to change. There’s definitely a chance SK has to play for it’s spot in the EU LCS, which might help management realize changes need to happen like with CLG.

I won’t stop supporting SK for now, because as I mentioned earlier, I value loyalty; but my interest is definitely waning due to how their management seems to be run, and sooner than later, I don’t know if I will be a fan anymore.

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Draft Day Possibilities for the Sixers


The NBA draft is only a couple of hours away, and things are getting extremely interested at this point. While everyone is aware that teams are throwing up smokescreens and false rumors left and right, there is still plenty of realness coming out of the news that should raise some concerns. Being a Sixers fan, the rumor mill is stressful because of our magician GM, Sam Hinkie. Hinkie is amazing, and I love everything that he’s done to this point, but he is definitely a mastermind of playing the game.

While I’m not too worried about what the Sixers will do with their third pick tonight, I’m nervous about the way the first two picks will play out, and I honestly think it could really screw up the straightforward pick for the Sixers. It seems like the majority of the fan base is hoping to see the former Buckeye, D’Angelo Russell hold up a 76ers jersey tonight, which would be my preference as well; however, I’m growing more and more convinced that someone will nab him at #2.

Let me make it clear, I would be perfectly fine if the Sixers ended up with Jahlil Okafor, but I would hope that Hinkie could work more magic and package Embiid and our slew of picks to someone for another solid first round selection. Ideally, this would be to somehow grab Emmanuel Mudiay and fill in our guard role.

Although it has seemed like the two first picks would more than likely be Duke’s Jahlil Okafor or Kentucky’s Karl-Anthony Towns, leaving Russell safely available for the Sixers, things are beginning to heat up and speculation is moving towards Russell coming off the board at #2. While I would normally be one to brush off the rumors and sit back knowing there is no true way to predict what will happen tonight, I’m beginning to get this bad feeling in my stomach.

Scenario #1

The most recent news has been that the Lakers are trying to acquire a big man through trade or free agency. They have apparently been pursuing a trade for DeMarcus Cousins, but the Kings have a high asking price that includes the #2 pick. The current asking price for Cousins seems to be the second overall pick, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. Whether this deal goes down or not, I don’t see the Lakers giving up their pick without acquiring the Kings’ first round #6 selection as well.

Were this to happen, it would probably point towards the Kings wanting to take Russell at #2 while having another young first round talent in power forward Julius Randle to be paired with the guard and usher in a new era for the Kings with promising young players.

This would leave the Lakers with one of the league’s best big men in Cousins as well as the ability to nab the other top guard prospect, Emmanuel Mudiay, in the #6 slot while the Sixers are awkwardly left with three big men and no guard.

Scenario #2

The other possibility is the Lakers just take Russell at their current draft spot. The other reports that have been coming out is the Lakers are also very interested in acquiring LaMarcus Aldridge if he chooses to depart from Portland. This is much more of a gamble because Aldridge is not completely committed to leaving the Trail Blazers yet and other teams would also be in hot pursuit.

San Antonio is apparently still his personal number one destination choice.

Should the Lakers be so confident that drafting Russell would boost their appeal to Aldridge, it could easily be grounds for them to draft Kobe’s replacement at #2. I’m sure that they believe these pieces could land them in the playoffs for one or two more championship runs before his retirement.

So what about the Sixers?

So where does this leave the Sixers when all is said and done? As I mentioned before, I think it’s a no-brainer that they take Okafor if Russell disappears. While this would leave the team with three big men and some decisions to make, Okafor offers you younger, healthier, more proven talent. The college standout is praised for his post movements with people claiming he has immense talent for the role.

Yes, Embiid was the correct pick last year because the prospects after him just didn’t seem worth it. I was totally down with taking the risk and seeing if it plays out and lands the Sixers with “the next Hakeem Olajuwon,” but it has definitely been horrible to hear that his progress towards a return has been delayed even longer.

I think it’s clear that the Sixers only have two moves should Russell go at #2. They either stick with what they have in Noel and Embiid and draft the second top guard prospect, Mudiay. Or they take the big hyped center in Okafor and try to move either Embiid or Noel for a player or future pick(s).

The safe play is to take Mudiay. You fill the top need on your team and acquire a guard that has tons of positive reviews so far. I would be fine with this, but I don’t know a whole lot about Mudiay and would easily admit that it would feel like a consolation prize after losing out on Russell who is apparently the whole package. Mudiay apparently has great ball handling skills combined with speed at an appealing height of 6’5″, but lacks a jump shot. After dealing with Michael-Carter Williams, another player that couldn’t shoot, Mudiay seems like a consolation prize compared to Russell, who has great shooting and passing abilities as well as an ability to find the lane.

It would feel like a consolation prize that I wasn’t entirely sold on.

The other option is Okafor. While there would be complaints about drafting big men three years in a row with another year of possible tanking ahead, the pick would at least guarantee the Sixers a healthy proven pair of big men when sticking him on the floor with Noel. This would also mean Embiid would become a solid trade piece.

The one thing I hope doesn’t happen is the Sixers taking Kristaps Porzingis. While I think this is nothing more than a smokescreen to put pressure on the Magic, it’s the least favorite speculation I have heard. I don’t think there is any chance the Sixers grab Porzingis with Mudiay or Okafor still on the board, but you never know.

Who do they take?

After doing some research and discussing the draft with friends who know more about it than I do, it seems like with Russell gone Mudiay would be the pick. He has huge hype, lots of superstar potential, and would fill their big need of a guard. The organization apparently likes him a lot, and I think it would create the least amount of backlash with the local press and fans.

Yes, I said Mudiay would, to me, feel like a consolation prize; however, that would fade quickly because I understand there would be nothing else I can do aside from be excited to see what he can do when the season rolls around. The Sixers need a guard, and although there is still tons of worry around the Embiid situation, drafting Mudiay would safely fill a need with a good prospect rather than complicate our big man situation and leave us fans wondering if we have to watch another season of full on tanking.

In the end, I have absolutely no idea what will happen (obviously). I think the Sixers will definitely end up with one of the two guards mentioned and everything else stays the same with little to no panic moving forward. There’s definitely a chance they take Okafor if they believe he brings more value to the table, and although it would definitely be more worrisome, I’m okay with that pick as well.

No matter what, it seems like this draft will leave us with one, if not more, talented players moving forward.  There is roughly seven hours or so until the draft begins on ESPN tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern time, and who knows what news stories will come out.

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Ballers S01E01 Review: “Pilot”


Episode 1: “Pilot”

Grade: B

As the season of Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley disappears, HBO looks to its second round of Summer shows to keep viewers tuning in. While there is much excitement surrounding the sophomore season of last year’s hit, True Detective, HBO is also bringing us a new show titled Ballers that stars The Rock and Rob Corddry. Ballers focuses on recently retired “golden boy” Spencer Strassmore (The Rock) who seems to have retired early from what was a successful career and has moved into the financial management business. I’ve been pretty excited to check out Ballers ever since I initially saw the previews for it because it seemed fun and similar enough to a sports version of Entourage. I really enjoy The Rock as an actor and think he is good enough to carry a show like this. He and Corddry seem like an odd couple that weirdly work on screen and I could easily see them having great chemistry. Ballers premiered on HBO last night, and while it was different from what I was expecting, I definitely enjoyed the episode and thought the show offered a lot looking forward.

The episode opens with Strassmore painfully getting out of bed and immediately popping some pills. He struggles with flashbacks to his pro days where it seems like he hit a quarterback so hard it ended the guy’s career and possibly left him with a serious injury. Although the show only provides a quick glance at this, I really thought it was a unique way to open the show because it immediately provides more depth to what could be a shallow surface character. In the previews it seemed that Ballers would be very similar to Entourage and toss us into the life of a glorified person who is “living the life” and always has fun, but I couldn’t be more wrong.

While the show does have that Entourage vibe, it’s not all glitz and glamour for this character. He was only hired by Corddry’s Joe due to his connections with professional players, and we discover it’s been a year since Strassmore started as a financial manager but has yet to monetize anything and could be let go soon unless he makes something happen. I really like the idea that the character is going to have to earn his success once again after being a football star, and that’s what makes shows so rewarding, when we can latch onto a character and watch them earn their success.

Strassmore’s two best friends are also retired football player, Charles Greane (Omar Benson Miller), who wasn’t as big of a star and is struggling to find work, and eight year veteran slot receiver Ricky Jerret (John David Washington), who has a short temper and ends up on the wrong side of a scandal that leads to him being cut from the Green Bay Packers. The three characters round everything out pretty nicely with a player still in the league, a retiree on the brink of success, and another retiree showing the reality of not being a star.

This pilot episode of Ballers is definitely all set up, but that’s okay. Every show needs to establish itself to the viewers and create the foundation of everything to come. While I was happy with The Rock’s performance, I was surprised to see Corddry with barely any screen time in this first episode; however, I’m glad that these two will begin with a business relationship that grows into friendship. I hope that with Strassmore beginning to cash in on his friendships, Corddry becomes a more active player in the next episode and moving forward, because it would be a shame to have the first season go by with him underutilized.

Overall, Ballers isn’t exactly what I was expecting, but that’s funnily a good thing. I thought the show would be stupid fun, comedic, and relaxed, but it looks like we are going to have to wait and earn that part of the show. There is an uphill climb ahead for Strassmore and he is learning to transition from a professional player to a businessman, which I’m excited to watch. This guy seemed to have it all, but finds himself back on the grind of earning a glamorous lifestyle. In Entourage, Vince just sort of stumbles into his success and enjoys the ride, but Ballers is showing us the climb to that point. I’m probably the most interested in Strassmore’s past and seeing what led to his early retirement because he clearly struggles with hearing himself be called the “golden boy” by everyone as if he never lived up to those expectations during his time in the league. While Ballers looks to be a fun 30 minute show each week, I think there is a chance here to explore some great dramatic topics as well. Seeing Strassmore’s character struggle to get out of bed and pop pills throughout the episode already addresses that we will be seeing the impact of professional football and how much stress it puts onto your body by smashing into other 300 pound men week after week for multiple years. I would really love to see the show continue to incorporate the idea of injury and concussions because although we hear about it all, none of us truly know what it’s like or how it is handled.

Ballers pilot was a lot less funny than I expected, but I’m actually glad about that. I want to watch this be a success story, and I think there was a lot of good set up for that going forward. I really enjoyed The Rock’s performance in this pilot episode but definitely want to see more of Joe and Strassmore’s two friends. If Ballers can develop these characters in a believable way, then I think the show will have no problem finding viewers each week because a sports version of Entourage sounds fantastic.

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Superior Spider-Man 28 Review

Well, I finally was able to catch up with the Superior Spider-Man series just as it’s heating up towards what should be a huge finale this spring.  The most recent issue, #28, totally flipped SpOck into an unusual world of chaos with him being the one to scramble for his life.

The issue opens with Spider Island up in flames. How? The last we saw of SpOck he had outsmarted the Goblin King and discovered his underground hideout with a projection of himself. Right?

It turns out the Goblin King was one step ahead of Otto and sent his three goblin glider warriors to blow up the entire island complex. This is the first time that SpOck has really been in trouble; he literally has to flee everything he has built on the back of Automaton (the magnificent whirr-klikk-iking robot).  He barely gets away, but damn, this was really an intense start to the issue.  The Goblin King doesn’t even care that Otto got away because he already has established plans to go take everyone close to SpOck hostage.

Meanwhile Mayor Jameson, of course, rolls out his newest line of “Goblin Slayers” which are really just Spider Slayers — which remind me of the navy Star Wars battle droids repainted to look like a Portal turret with a hologram of Jonah’s face in the center. Jameson has been pretty frustrated about being controlled by SpOck, so there was no surprise to see him make a prideful power move like this; although, I’m totally expecting it to just create more problems.

As I mentioned, the Goblin King had already sent out some thug units to go kidnap all of the close known associates to SpOck, starting with Mary Jane, who decided to become super badass in this issue.  Three of the flying child goblins come crashing through window; poor firefighter Ollie is helplessly swinging a chair in the air to ward them off, and all of a sudden, THWIP! TWIP! That’s right, Mary Jane pulls out some web shooters and traps the 3 mini goblins to the wall.  She understands exactly how the Goblin plays games and out of nowhere grabs Ollie and pulls him out the door like she had some Emergency Goblin Protocol ready.  It’s great, she gathers up May and Jay while telling her own mother to take the first flight out of town. I think Mary Jane is the reason SpOck will be able to win this one, by “removing pieces from the board.”

We find out that Otto made it back to Parker Industries safely, but he was tracked down and confronted by Monster, who pulls off her mask to reveal that she is a Goblinized Carlie.  She forces her way through all of Parker Industry’s defense mechanisms, eventually getting her desired one on one time with Otto.  Even though this looks like it could be pretty bad, Carlie is still able to somehow temporarily take control of Monster and tell Otto that he better cure her before it’s too late.  She says that Otto has no idea what the Goblin King has in store for him,

but no, oh no, the worst thing that could happen, the issue ends with the Goblins capturing the one person that truly matters to Otto;

Anna Maria.

Damn. I really love this series, I think it’s one of the coolest original and unique ideas that I’ve ever read.  I’ve loved SpOck from the beginning; he was a fun and cool change to the character and a great break from Peter Parker.  I definitely want Pete back, but am really really going to miss the professionally serious and technical approach that Otto’s character brings to Spider-Man.

The only thing that I didn’t like in this issue was the two full page panels that showed ghost Peter slowly losing himself having to relive Otto’s memories.  While the full page layouts were nicely designed, I thought it interrupted the flow of the main story. I’m definitely interested in what happens to Peter and how he comes back, but honestly, I don’t want it to take away at all from this Goblin Nation story and how awesome and crazy it’s getting, especially with only 3 issues to go.

Overall, I thought this was another awesome issue of the Superior Spider-Man, and obviously cannot wait for issue #29, especially because Spidey 2099 appears in his costume again!

Going forward, my one big theory or expectation is that Anna Maria, sadly, will die before the series is over.  We know that Peter is coming back, and she’s Otto’s love interest, not his. Now she’s been kidnapped, and while Otto would probably do or give anything to protect her, it would be a really tragic way to show him that he’s not superior.  It’s the easiest way for the writers to eliminate the relationship and totally wreck Otto for good, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

How did everyone else like this month’s issue of the Superior Spider-Man?  Let me know!

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First Look at The CW’s Flash Costume

So everyone loves the Flash; he’s the most relaxed, funny, and generally likable superhero in the DC Comic universe. It’s awesome that he will finally be represented on screen in the modern era, and holds even more promise because of how good Arrow has been so far for its first two seasons.

I’m not totally sold on Gustin yet, only because I haven’t seen him in anything, but from the little bit we saw in Arrowhe seemed fine.

I definitely love this picture though, the head part of the suit looks awesome and about as good as I could have imagined it. Hopefully a full body picture is released soon and the entire costume can be revealed!

What do you think?

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True Detective 1.6 Review: “Haunted Houses”

Well, after last night’s awesome sixth episode of True Detective, there are only two episodes left in this great first season.  Last night’s episode, “Haunted Houses,” answered a lot of lingering questions that link the show’s multiple timelines of past and present.  While the show was not as focused on solving the case, it was hectic and thrilling nonetheless, and tied up some loose ends that viewers probably had, mainly what caused the fallout between Rust and Marty?

The episode opened with a very intense scene of Marty dealing with the two guys that were with caught with his daughter, and he violently beats them for what they did.  We see him pushed to his limit and really pull strings to make this happen because let’s be honest; he probably wouldn’t have dealt with this in another way. Rust seems to be losing his mind a little more as well when we find him interrogating someone, but when he actually gets her confession signature, he tells her to kill herself because she wouldn’t survive in jail. These are two really tense moments to open with that are pretty dark reflections of what the characters have become.

After this Rust and Marty really just continue to butt heads and constantly clash at work; Rust is invested in secretly working the deer crown case in his free time while Marty has found himself in another affair. They are doing their usual things but the friendship has just dissolved; it’s sad, but we knew it was coming. Eventually Rust puts together that Tuttle has something to do with the murders and abductions, but gets himself suspended for pushing the theory too hard.

Maggie finds the pictures of the younger woman on Marty’s phone, but plays it cool and decides to go have an affair of her own by picking up some stranger at a bar. Then, the moment that everyone was waiting for, the reason that Rust and Marty fell out of touch…. Maggie shows up to have sex with Rust instead of the guy at the bar, and he does it. This was expected, but still crazy; Rust was pretty drunk but couldn’t resist. Let’s be honest, he’s in a bad place with Marty, he’s pretty drunk, and knows how bad of a husband Marty actually is.  Rust also knows exactly what she wants, just a one-time fling to really show Marty he’s messed up.

Marty almost can’t believe it, but we see how he really feels when Rust shows up at the department.  They have an epic brawl with Marty immediately tackling Rust and then landing some heavy right hooks on Rust’s face. Although he’s getting pretty pounded, Rust still seems in control of the fight, taking what he deserves for betraying Marty, but then taking him down in one swift move, hurling him into the back of his truck.  This was pretty fun to watch because these guys seemed bound to fight, and it didn’t disappoint, but Rust quits and we know why the two aren’t friends anymore.


I think everything is setting up really well, and I love how they finished this episode with the guys reuniting as Rust chased Marty down in his truck. They agree to get a drink and there are two episodes, a.k.a, two hours (a movie length) left for Marty and Rust to fully solve the case of their careers.  I’m really excited for these final two episodes and feel exactly how I did when Breaking Bad was finishing up.

Right now, we know that the two people they are looking for are the yellow king and the man with the scars. My guess is that Tuttle, despite denying being involved, is the yellow king who runs that cult in the woods where they worship the devil or some type of evil.  However, I’m not sure who the man with the scars could be.  We also don’t know what the deal is with the supernatural forces that have popped up; Rust sees things, and LeDoux talks about his death right before it happens, mentioning the black stars, which then appeared to surround Rust’s head.

There are still some questions to be answered, but I’m ready to know what happens and can’t wait for Sunday to get here! “Haunted Houses” was another great episode that brought us up to speed so there is plenty of time to deliver a solid finale. If you have any theories of how True Detective might end, drop a comment below and let me know!

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True Detective Could Possibly Have Female Leads

Right now True Detective is the hottest show on television and has really been blowing myself and countless others away with it’s amazing first season so far.

There are only two episodes left, and sadly, it means only two episode left of McConaughey and Harrelson as one of the best duos on T.V. The biggest question on my mind, and soon everyone’s, is who will follow up these two and be the focus of season two?

In an article found here, creator Nic Pizzolatto responds to a tweet about female characters, leaving the fan with the open-ended, “Next season…” Obviously this is no guarantee, but at least cool to know that the writers are open to having any types of detectives.  Pizzolatto has done such an amazing job with the writing so far in this first season, so I’m sure that whoever signs on for season two will have a great character written for them.

True Detective has been everything I expected and so much more. There are still two episodes left in this season that I am massively anticipating (as I’m sure you all are), but I can’t help but think a little bit about what will come next from this show.

Either way, I’m excited to hear ideas for season two and will report more as soon as they come in!

Also check out my review of last night’s episode, “Haunted Houses” right here!

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The Walking Dead 121 Review

Alright, so here we are entering the final chapters of the All Out War story line.  Issue 121 of The Walking Dead comic is chapter 7 out of 12 in this run, which technically begins the start of All Out War: Part Two, and is setting up for the end of this arc which has been very intense so far.

In this issue Eugene and the bullet makers for Rick’s side get compromised and captured by Negan and his gang, meanwhile everyone else just seems really tired from this war and unable to stand the casualties it has cost them. It turns out everyone is going to relocate back to the Hilltop with Maggie and her crew.

It seems like there is going to be one last major battle between Rick and Negan that takes place at the Hilltop, which will probably work to Rick’s advantage.  It obviously really hurts to have Eugene in Negan’s possession, but I really hope he holds out somehow and doesn’t end up supplying them with the ammunition.

Either way, I think that the reason Negan will be defeated is because of Dwight. We know he’s secretly on Rick’s side, and proved it by killing Negan’s men and giving Jesus the grenades.  I think he’s possibly been getting a group together to turn on Negan, which could come as a nice flank for Rick in a battle…

There have been a bunch of deaths so far in All Out War, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more in these next five issues.  That’s plenty of time for a lot to still happen, and this will probably have a very big and thrilling end because Negan has been the toughest challenge that Rick has faced so far.

Overall, I thought that issue #121 was relatively boring and was mainly set up to kick off All Out War: Part Two, but I’m really excited for the rest of this story.

Important Parts:

– Eugene has been caught by Negan. Ouch. Hopefully he holds out.

– Rick’s group is moving to the Hilltop. Could be an advantage in positioning.

Minor Parts:

– Heath said goodbye to Denise. I think that this will cause him to rage and either blame Rick or aim his anger towards Negan and become a huge asset.

– Ezekiel and his people are possibly leaving, but are considering going to the Hilltop with Rick and gang. I think they’ll head to the Hilltop, or return in a final battle.

What did everyone think of this issue? Drop a comment below and let me know how you see the All Out War story unfolding!


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True Detective 1.5 Review: “The Secret Fate of All Life”

So far, this first season of HBO’s mystery crime thriller, True Detective, is easily on the same level as last year’s final season of Breaking Bad. I want, so bad, to call this one of my favorite shows, but keep remembering that McConaughey and Harrelson are only set up for a one and done, and the show will feature two new detectives each season.  Now, I’m sure it will still be awesome, but until I can develop more of an opinion, I’m keeping my excitement to a seasonal level.  However, the quality, suspense, and writing of True Detective have definitely elevated it into the standards of televisions top tier.  Last night’s fifth episode, “The Secret Fate of All Life,” continued the show’s steady episodic improvement, and at points had me standing up with my hands on my head in awe of the plot.

Following up last week’s Alfonso Cuarόn-esque final scene, Rust and Marty are finally able to track down Reggie LeDoux. As the detectives are trekking through a lengthy stretch of deep woods strung with booby traps and the familiar wooden structures from the past crime scenes. This seems like it, the big gun battle we’ve been waiting for since Marty mentioned it a couple episodes ago; however, it turns out there was no shootout, and the guys carefully inched closer to the property where they confronted and captured LeDoux and his partner.  I thought this was an amazing scene and was super shocked when Marty just walks out and blows LeDoux’s brains out.  It was definitely justified when we figured out there were drugged children in the garage, but was pretty crazy that they framed the entire thing, that definitely had me laughing as they hopped between the present and past to explain and show what happened.

This was a really intense episode; finally catching LeDoux, Marty’s personal life, and then realizing the case still hasn’t been solved. I was definitely shocked to see that they want to pin Rust as the killer, but I just think he’s doing some off duty undercover work that nobody is aware of.  That’s the type of detective Rust is; he knows that he is smarter than the rest of the guys on the force. I’m pretty sure he’s making headway on the real conspiracy going on and the storage container is filled with evidence, like a ton of those little wooden structures, which would look really bad for Rust.

I really enjoyed the time jump in the past, and seeing us move out of 1995 and into 2002.  I’m curious to see if Marty’s personal life is leading to more of a tie in with the case, or if we are just witnessing the destruction of his character and family. They include a lot of possible foreshadowing with his kids.  When he runs over the tricycle, which I believe was the same episode when they confront his daughter about her sexual drawings, could be the destruction of her innocence.  Now we see the two sisters arguing over a plastic princess crown, and the first girl killed was given the deer antler crown.  I guess we’ll see, I’m not too concerned about it because a small portion of the episode is designated to their personal lives.

Either way, this was just another fantastic episode of True Detective, and I really am blown away each week. Although I’m pretty sad that there are only three episodes left of McConaughey and Harrelson in this first season, but I also cannot wait to see what happens next week. What did everyone think of this True Detective episode, “The Secret Fate of All Life.” Have any theories on how it’s gonna finish up?

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