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Star Wars: A New New Hope

Star Wars: A New New Hope

So this is some news that I read while out seeing The Wolverine. JJ Abrams is going to smartly avoid a CGI heavy Star Wars movie and keep the authenticity of  “using model makers and using real droids”.  The CGI will be used to blend with the real, and I think that’s okay.  Good things are coming out of this so far though.


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Wolverine is Back!

The Wolverine…. was just fantastic!

I just got back and am now realizing just how much I’ve been missing some Wolverine in my life.  Seriously, this movie was awesome.

The film provided awesome comic book scenes that bring the, thought to be unrealistic scenes, off the paper in another great addition to Marvel’s cinematic universe.  Although we won’t see Wolvie in the Avengers anytime soon, Jackman continues to give a brilliant performance as one of the best comic book characters in a revived X-Men universe.

The film takes place in Japan where Logan finds himself with a dulled healing power that makes him near-human. This lets everyone see just how much of a beast Logan really is because he is taking bullets and bleeding but still raging onward destroying anyone who gets in his way.

Eventually he faces off against the badass Silver Samurai, which was revealed before the movie even came out but it was as good as it looks.  The action was good and a nice break from CGI but the Samurai was really fucking cool.  The battles that the two characters share were exactly what I wanted and re-sparked my interest in Logan and his story.


This film is definitely a must see if you have interest in the MCU or just superheros.  You can’t go wrong with the Wolverine and this definitely brought him back.  There was a scene after 2-5 minutes of credits that picks up two years later with Logan in an airport.  The television screen is displaying a “Trask Industries” commercial and Logan knows something is off.  Metal starts shaking and you guessed it, Magneto is behind Logan and needs his help.  Then everyone freezes. I start losing my shit, my girlfriend is like “quiet calm down” and I can’t because Charles Xavier comes out!

Oh how it’s been too long since we have seen these two.  However, they say they need Logan to help stop a huge mutant threat that is the sentinels.

X-Men is definitely fucking back! I loved First Class and The Wolverine has just gotten me pumped to read and see Days of Future Past which is an amazing story from what I know already!

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Get ready for some Wolverine

So I’m really excited to see The Wolverine tonight and let everyone know what I think.  I’ve been hearing good things so far! I also am going to be throwing up a review on the main graphic novel that the movie is based on, Claremont and Miller’s “Wolverine”.  

It’s Wolverines first solo appearance without the X-Men, so there was no better starting place for me with the comics to get more into the character. It was really awesome and has me ready to pick up Days of Future Past! I’m pumped for tonight and will report back later, bub!

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CW Moving Forward with Flash!

CW Moving Forward with Flash!

Rejoice fellow fans of the red blur!

An article popped up earlier today revealing that with their recent success in Arrow, The CW plans to prioritize the Flash.  A Barry Allen Flash will pop up as “a recurring character on Arrow in the 2013-2014 second season” and it is confirmed they are giving us his origin story.

I think this is great because CW executive Mark Pedowitz is also set to direct the Flash movie and while most were hoping to see (my favorite) Wally West and not Barry Allen, Pedowitz might be planning to knock out the origin story on TV and have us be up to speed for the Justice League Movie or the Flash movie in 2016-17.

This seems like DC has good things to come and is beginning to plan out their Universe similar to what Marvel has done.

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Bolivar Trask

Bolivar Trask

Today the first “official” photo of Peter Dinklage as X-Men Setinel creator, Bolivar Trask released. I think the man looks very fitting for the timeline.

Also, a Trask-industries website has surfaced and is pretty intricate.

If more viral marketing like this builds up until the film’s release, then I assume I will be even more excited for this movie!

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Please, please! Go get some Pacific Rim!

Well, the wait is finally over and I have gotten to see the summer movie I’ve been waiting for.


Pacific Rim.

Spoilers ahead.

It was exactly what I expected and if you share the same mentality going into the film, I would expect you to enjoy it as much as I did.

The base plot is generically just robots fighting monsters, but Pacific Rim opens with a strong and intriguing background story to bring the audience fully up to speed on the current state of the Earth and its past and present of the Human vs. Kaiju war in an easily understandable and timely fashion.

So the humans have created giant three story badass robots called Jaegers to defend against the random Kaiju attacks. The jaegers were all awesomely designed to suit their representative countries with unique physical characteristics and interesting abilities that were really cool and elevated these jaegers from being more than just big robots.

The Jaegers become even cooler when we learn about the piloting system and how each jaeger is so powerful that it needs two pilots that “drift” with each other syncing their entire body and mind. Let me just say, the details are what sold me on Pacific Rim. As I said, the plot is really nothing special when you break it down; yet the detail and creativity within the movie had my eyes glued to the screen like when I was a child falling in love with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers for the same reasons.

I’m all over the place…but let’s get into the cast. I thought it was very fitting.

I watch Sons of Anarchy, I already love Charlie Hunnam as Jax, so of course I was thrilled to see him featured as the lead in (what I had expected from the beginning) a good summer movie. Idris Elba is a sci-fi action necessity at the moment it seems, and he won me over with Rocknrolla awhile back.

Everyone. They were cast very well. Robert Kazinsky (Chuck Hansen) was badass. Max Martini (Herc Hansen) was a badass older dude,  with a beard! The plot was full of the typical corny dialogue with cheesy one liners. (spoilers) The scene where Striker Eureka is EMP’d  and the father & son duo climb out on top of the head of their jaeger, facing down a kaiju in the flesh, merely hundreds of feet away.

Man versus a monster 1000 times its size, without the protection of the jaegers.

Then comes the dialogue where Chuck Hansen says something like, “Are we about to do something really stupid?” and his father replies with something about how they are connected from drifting and had the same idea. Next they shoot their full stock of flares into the kaiju’s eyes…

Honestly, I thought they were going down at this point. I thought that when that kaiju reacts to burning flares in its eyes, it’s just going to rapidly swing its arms and most likely knock Striker Eureka down sending the Hansens to their doom.  But I was happy when they lived, because the more jaegers there were, the happier I was. Robots fighting monsters!

I really liked Rinko Kikuchi as Mako. Although a little cheesy, I liked how her and Raleigh were very drift compatible due to their thirst for revenge.  From the moment Yancy told Raleigh not to get cocky, I knew it was going to head downhill. Yet, upon gaining the knowledge of drift technology and it connecting the pilots, I knew that Raleigh was about to experience some crazy negative shit.

Think about it… you get fully connected with someone, merged brains. Then with the flick of a switch half of the brain is gone. Yancy is gone. Raleigh can do nothing about it; he loses his brother, half of himself, and has experienced death in the first person while surviving in the third person.

As for the rest of the cast, Charlie Day was good, but still the same Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny, which was tough for me to get past.  Ron Perlman was awesome as Hannibal Chau, he is always fun to watch now a days.

Overall, Pacific Rim was everything I wanted it to be. An awesome action movie that sort of helps revive the kaiju brand and brings enough of its own style and creativity to the table to avoid being just generic.  There are great visuals that really bring the film to life and enhance the epic jaeger vs. kaiju battles.  I’ve read some talks about a sequel or two being possible? I honestly just like the film as a standalone for right now. If they can do one more without fucking up the greatness of the first, I’m all for it. I’m just worried that what was fresh and new in this movie will be the same and a duller version in the second.


Pacific Rim is some original badass monster fighting brilliance that deserves more credit than the box office is showing (178.5m worldwide).  If you like Power Rangers, if you like robots, if you like sci-fi, if you like monsters, if you like action, if you like movies. See Pacific Rim.

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: ComicCon Superhero Breakdown

Ahh… summer. Besides getting to relax a little more, have long days and warmer weather, and head to places like the mountains or beach, the summer brings forth so much more for us nerds.  For me, personally, summer comes down to three things that are just about finishing up; first, there was E3 for my gaming news, the Steam Summer Sale (last day today *tear*), and the biggest and best one………


This is my favorite thing ever, movies, games, television, cartoons, anime, anything! Cosplaying, that’s super rad too, when I head to the con next year I’m gonna try to pull some light cosplaying if I can plan in advance.

However, if you have been following movie news anywhere, you have heard all of the awesome new updates in the cinematic universe! Let’s get right into it!

DC kicked off with some big news further forming their hero universe with one picture confirming something that everyone has been waiting for… Superman and Batman together in the same movie! Hell yeah! While I’m a huge Marvel junkie, how can you not love both companies and be thrilled to see two of the most iconic superheroes share the screen? Now we all await the big question of who will be playing Batman?

Next, DC also announced their plans to follow up the Batman/Superman film in 2015 by giving the Flash his own feature in 2016 and then we will (finally) see a Justice League movie in 2017. It’s good to see DC finally moving forward with their universe and I’m excited for even more superhero films.

Transitioning to Marvel now…

So, we get some new posters and logos for the already upcoming Marvel films Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World.

Then the first huge news that got me super excited came when the Guardians of the Galaxy cast was brought out and we got to see the concept art of what the cast would look like as the characters.  There was also a display for the film featuring some props like Star-Lord’s famed helmet/mask, Drax’s blades, and surprisingly cool some Nova Corps guards.  While I think the Nova suits are pretty pathetic, everything else was really cool! Karen Gillen even shaved her head for her role as Nebula, super cool dedication right there!

Guardians is what got me back into comics; Star-Lord is my favorite superhero and I think that Chris Pratt is perfect for the role.  I love him on Parks and Rec where we see his humor, yet he can be a manly badass (Zero Dark Thirty), so I think he has huge potential to be the next RDJ/Iron Man type casting where he literally is the character.  Either way, I’m pumped that this is a year away and think with the cast and potential plots will make for a great movie.

Then there is Ant-Man, which is going to be cool, but no real news about this besides Edgar Wright confirming that he has the script completed. I’m really curious who is going to play Ant-Man and the more important role of Hank Pym.  Two names I’ve seen people suggest on the internet that I absolutely love are Nathan Fillion (who already has ties with Whedon) and Aaron Eckhart (who Marvel has recently expressed that they want to work with). I think that these two could do a great job of being one of the smartest scientists in the world while also being physically fit enough (especially Eckhart after I,Frankenstein) to play the role of a superhero.

Finally, the biggest piece of news from Marvel……..

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The second Avengers film will follow up with the awesome villain Ultron, and his super adapting artificial intelligence won’t be as easy of a foe that the team faced the first time around. I’m excited to see them bring Ultron to the screen and continue to make all of us comic lovers able to watch our favorite characters and villains in the theater.  I also think this will heavily tie in with Vin Diesel’s currently secret casting.  I love Vin; Riddick is awesome and I have a weak spot for the Fast and Furious series, but Vin could easily pull off a superhero.  I would have loved him as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians, but people are speculating that his great robot voice (The Iron Giant) will bring a nice Ultron or Vision to the films, and whichever will keep him in the franchise for longer is the one I want him to be.  

There is a lot going on with superheroes in movies, I’m pretty excited after this ComicCon because the Marvel universe is always expanding and I’m thrilled to see the cosmic stories coming into play more.  My ultimate dream would be to see Marvel get the rights to Spider-Man and the X-Men back and make a House of M movie. But… returning to reality, I’ll easily take everything they are giving us right now!

The superhero movies are only multiplying and getting better as they go, so going forward we have a lot to look forward to! This was just a quick roundup of what’s going on, I thought it would be a solid first post, but I’ll be back soon with more news from ComicCon!

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