Please, please! Go get some Pacific Rim!

Well, the wait is finally over and I have gotten to see the summer movie I’ve been waiting for.


Pacific Rim.

Spoilers ahead.

It was exactly what I expected and if you share the same mentality going into the film, I would expect you to enjoy it as much as I did.

The base plot is generically just robots fighting monsters, but Pacific Rim opens with a strong and intriguing background story to bring the audience fully up to speed on the current state of the Earth and its past and present of the Human vs. Kaiju war in an easily understandable and timely fashion.

So the humans have created giant three story badass robots called Jaegers to defend against the random Kaiju attacks. The jaegers were all awesomely designed to suit their representative countries with unique physical characteristics and interesting abilities that were really cool and elevated these jaegers from being more than just big robots.

The Jaegers become even cooler when we learn about the piloting system and how each jaeger is so powerful that it needs two pilots that “drift” with each other syncing their entire body and mind. Let me just say, the details are what sold me on Pacific Rim. As I said, the plot is really nothing special when you break it down; yet the detail and creativity within the movie had my eyes glued to the screen like when I was a child falling in love with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers for the same reasons.

I’m all over the place…but let’s get into the cast. I thought it was very fitting.

I watch Sons of Anarchy, I already love Charlie Hunnam as Jax, so of course I was thrilled to see him featured as the lead in (what I had expected from the beginning) a good summer movie. Idris Elba is a sci-fi action necessity at the moment it seems, and he won me over with Rocknrolla awhile back.

Everyone. They were cast very well. Robert Kazinsky (Chuck Hansen) was badass. Max Martini (Herc Hansen) was a badass older dude,  with a beard! The plot was full of the typical corny dialogue with cheesy one liners. (spoilers) The scene where Striker Eureka is EMP’d  and the father & son duo climb out on top of the head of their jaeger, facing down a kaiju in the flesh, merely hundreds of feet away.

Man versus a monster 1000 times its size, without the protection of the jaegers.

Then comes the dialogue where Chuck Hansen says something like, “Are we about to do something really stupid?” and his father replies with something about how they are connected from drifting and had the same idea. Next they shoot their full stock of flares into the kaiju’s eyes…

Honestly, I thought they were going down at this point. I thought that when that kaiju reacts to burning flares in its eyes, it’s just going to rapidly swing its arms and most likely knock Striker Eureka down sending the Hansens to their doom.  But I was happy when they lived, because the more jaegers there were, the happier I was. Robots fighting monsters!

I really liked Rinko Kikuchi as Mako. Although a little cheesy, I liked how her and Raleigh were very drift compatible due to their thirst for revenge.  From the moment Yancy told Raleigh not to get cocky, I knew it was going to head downhill. Yet, upon gaining the knowledge of drift technology and it connecting the pilots, I knew that Raleigh was about to experience some crazy negative shit.

Think about it… you get fully connected with someone, merged brains. Then with the flick of a switch half of the brain is gone. Yancy is gone. Raleigh can do nothing about it; he loses his brother, half of himself, and has experienced death in the first person while surviving in the third person.

As for the rest of the cast, Charlie Day was good, but still the same Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny, which was tough for me to get past.  Ron Perlman was awesome as Hannibal Chau, he is always fun to watch now a days.

Overall, Pacific Rim was everything I wanted it to be. An awesome action movie that sort of helps revive the kaiju brand and brings enough of its own style and creativity to the table to avoid being just generic.  There are great visuals that really bring the film to life and enhance the epic jaeger vs. kaiju battles.  I’ve read some talks about a sequel or two being possible? I honestly just like the film as a standalone for right now. If they can do one more without fucking up the greatness of the first, I’m all for it. I’m just worried that what was fresh and new in this movie will be the same and a duller version in the second.


Pacific Rim is some original badass monster fighting brilliance that deserves more credit than the box office is showing (178.5m worldwide).  If you like Power Rangers, if you like robots, if you like sci-fi, if you like monsters, if you like action, if you like movies. See Pacific Rim.


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