Wolverine is Back!

The Wolverine…. was just fantastic!

I just got back and am now realizing just how much I’ve been missing some Wolverine in my life.  Seriously, this movie was awesome.

The film provided awesome comic book scenes that bring the, thought to be unrealistic scenes, off the paper in another great addition to Marvel’s cinematic universe.  Although we won’t see Wolvie in the Avengers anytime soon, Jackman continues to give a brilliant performance as one of the best comic book characters in a revived X-Men universe.

The film takes place in Japan where Logan finds himself with a dulled healing power that makes him near-human. This lets everyone see just how much of a beast Logan really is because he is taking bullets and bleeding but still raging onward destroying anyone who gets in his way.

Eventually he faces off against the badass Silver Samurai, which was revealed before the movie even came out but it was as good as it looks.  The action was good and a nice break from CGI but the Samurai was really fucking cool.  The battles that the two characters share were exactly what I wanted and re-sparked my interest in Logan and his story.


This film is definitely a must see if you have interest in the MCU or just superheros.  You can’t go wrong with the Wolverine and this definitely brought him back.  There was a scene after 2-5 minutes of credits that picks up two years later with Logan in an airport.  The television screen is displaying a “Trask Industries” commercial and Logan knows something is off.  Metal starts shaking and you guessed it, Magneto is behind Logan and needs his help.  Then everyone freezes. I start losing my shit, my girlfriend is like “quiet calm down” and I can’t because Charles Xavier comes out!

Oh how it’s been too long since we have seen these two.  However, they say they need Logan to help stop a huge mutant threat that is the sentinels.

X-Men is definitely fucking back! I loved First Class and The Wolverine has just gotten me pumped to read and see Days of Future Past which is an amazing story from what I know already!


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