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Unused Avengers Scene Concept that Hints Ultron

I stumbled on this video thanks to the great people over at Reddit’s r/Marvel sub. It’s a conceptual scene that was never used which hints at Jarvis evolving into Ultron. The scene has a pretty dark tone and Jarvis even has a line saying, “You hate them sir.” referring to the Avengers.

It seems like Jarvis is trying to get Tony to completely turn on humanity and realize that he could continue to perfect technology and A.I. and takeover the world saying, “You built all of this” and that Tony is better than everyone.

The music is great too and really gives this short clip a dark tone. If this does relate to the Avengers: AoU then I am even more excited. The Marvel movies are all a lot of fun, but for those who read the comics, you know Tony has huge problems, and I think seeing him be emotionally and physically drained by losing Jarvis and creating Ultron will be a dark and very good sequel.


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Is Bryan Cranston Officially Lex Luthor?

Is Bryan Cranston Officially Lex Luthor?

An article has surfaced saying that Bryan Cranston has supposedly signed a 6 picture deal with Warner Bros. to play Lex Luthor in MoS2 and other DC movies like the Justice League.  The article seems to think that in some films he would play more of a Nick Fury type role where he will appear but not necessarily be focused on.

Just remember that this isn’t official just yet.  I’m really hoping that it is, because we all know Cranston can turn into one mean motherfucker and I love it.  He would be great in the role, so now we just have to wait and see!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Set Photos: “Yondu’s Crash”

Today some pictures his the web that gives us a clear up close look at Michael Rooker all blue-ed out for his role of Yondu in next years Guardians of the Galaxy film. I’m super pumped for this movie, the ’08 Guardians run got me back into comics and Star-Lord is my favorite hero. Rooker is looking good though, check out the full reel of photos by clicking on the picture!

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Affleck is Batman!

Affleck is Batman!

Wow, so as I’m packing more stuff for school, I come back and just like that….BOOM, Ben Affleck goes from being a candidate who “doesn’t have much interest” to landing the role.  Honestly, I have no idea how to feel about this.  I love Ben Affleck, not totally for his acting though. He looks the part for sure, but I just can’t picture his voice fitting the almighty Bruce Wayne, yet, half of me thinks it could be okay? I have  no idea right now.  Either way, huge announcement because DC is really getting their universe into shape and this Batman choice is going to be at least for a couple of movies. He’ll appear in Man of steel 2, then the Justice League, and after that we will certainly have more Batman films.  

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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Kick-Ass 2 (Comic) Review

About a week ago I finished up the second string of Kick-Ass comics just before the release of the film.  Then in the midst of packing and moving stuff down to my school apartment, I never got around to writing a review, until now.

Kick-Ass 2 picks up with Dave and Mindy living their lives like semi-normal kids but adding in super intense training everyday to better fend off criminals and wrong-doers. However, quickly into the first issue, Marcus confronts Mindy on a secret stash of weapons he finds hidden within her floor and makes her promise to give up being Hit Girl and fighting crime.  Meanwhile, Dave is still policing the streets as Kick-Ass but he is doing a team up with the first new hero we see, Doctor Gravity.


Colonel Stars looking mean

After teaming up, we are introduced to a whole group of superheroes known as Justice Forever and is led by Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes, two bad-ass looking, America representing masked vigilantes. These are the staple characters going forward and they all look really cool.  The biggest thing I love about these comics is how creative it is for a superhero comic.  The first string of comics and the movie were a different take on the superhero genre, so it’s always cool to see new costumes.

From here the series builds to what will be a straight up battle of good vs. evil which will probably get interesting because everyone can die and there are no actual superpowers.  Everything that happens along the way in these comics keeps the same extreme tone of the first one and actually, I would say even goes further than the original.

Yet, when looking past the substantial amounts of violence and crisis, it becomes justifiable to reveal just how psychotic the newly re-named, Motherfucker (Red Mist) really is.  It is the same for the other characters, there is more development for everyone and the universe is hopefully expanding for future installments.

The artwork and writing are the same, so no problems or surprises there.  The heroes and villains are all so well-done; how they are drawn and written.  It’s hard to be unique with superheroes nowadays, but Kick-Ass is something of its own.  The comics are relatively short and can be completed in a day because there are only seven issues.  It’s fun, it’s short,  it’s more of the same, and its purpose seems to be a foundation to build the next film upon.  If you like the movies, check the comics out!

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Breaking Bad Episode 5.10 “Buried” Review

This past week waiting for Breaking Bad has seemed like an eternity.  Re-watching episode nine today before the premiere of this week’s episode made me realize how this show almost gives me anxiety attacks, which is a great thing, because this show is truly a masterpiece. Tonight’s episode only strengthened my belief in that statement, here’s why.

So we immediately open with a thrilling scene that made me feel like I was watching No Country For Old Men. An elderly man is leaving his house and discovers the money Jesse has thrown at the foot of his driveway.  He sees more spread down the sidewalk and begins collecting a fat stack, until noticing the money lines the street for as far and he can see.  All I was thinking at this point is this situation won’t be good for Jesse.  The man follows the path and we see Jesse’s crashed car in a park where he is spinning on the playground from an aerial view that resembles a spinning revolver barrel with Jesse being the only round in the chamber as if he’s playing russian roulette. The opening scene was amazingly well-done. 

Taking no breaths in-between, we immediately pick up from where last week’s episode left off; Walt vs. Hank.  This was one of those moments where my heart just began to pound nearly out of my chest.  The race was clearly on as Walt leaves the garage and speeds out of the driveway in a panic and then stops to make a phone call.  Skyler? Saul? Jesse? Skyler. She’s not picking up though, and someone else is just saying she’s already on the phone as Walt is losing it.

Then. The brilliance of Vince fucking Gilligan’s writing.

We see as Walt is still parked. The garage door begins to go back up, and out walks Hank, on the phone.

with Skyler.

Which leads to one of the best scenes of the episode that kept me and everyone else on edge wondering, is Skyler about to give Walt up to Hank? She sits down with Hank, who emotes honest love and guilt for his sister-in-law, giving her a hug and saying “I’m sorry”.  We watch Hank try so hard to get anything he can out of Skyler, but she is being smartly cautious, treading lightly, and being cool in one of the tensest moments of the series.  I thought that this scene really showed us how Skyler has broken bad, or how someone on Reddit put it, Skysenberg .  When Skyler realizes that while Hank knows Walt’s secret, he cannot actually prove it, and she needs to get out of there quickly. She creates a scene in the diner, saying “Am I under arrest?” louder and louder as she slowly gets up and leaves crying and yelling as everyone stares at Hank.  I thought the exchange throughout this whole scene between Anna Gunn and Dean Norris was fantastic, like everything on this show, but the expressions on Dean Norris’ face were just perfect the entire time and we truly do see Skysenberg and how smart she is.

With a last chance effort to reach out to Skyler, Hank shows up at the White home with Marie, who is clearly in the loop now.  Her and Skyler talk alone which leads to Marie’s confrontation of everything that has happened. As Skyler melts down and cannot put into words how sorry she is to her sister, Marie gives Skyler a firm slap across the face that revealed she is truly Hank’s wife.  She goes even further and immediately thinks to take baby Holly and get out of there because it’s not safe, and you can’t blame her for thinking like that. When Skyler knocks the front door closed, Marie moves to the window and grabs Hank’s attention, and he breaks up the scene insisting that Marie give Holly back and they leave.  Marie states, “We have to get him” and clearly it’s on, with six episodes left, it’s going to be the Whites Heisenbergs vs. the Schraders.

Thinking Skyler has sided with Hank, we return to a panicky Saul and Walt.  Saul, trying to keep it cool but struggling to hold it together while letting out his nervous little laughs before he says something and Walt silent with an aggressive look in his eye as they await the arrival of the storage locker cash that Huell and Kuby (who probably both walked away with a nice tip) are delivering.

"I gotta do it, man"

“I gotta do it, man”

Next we see Walt flying through the desert and return to where everything started; the desert where him and Jesse first cooked in the RV.  It’s already a familiar drive and with the help of a GPS tracker, Walt buries his money and evidence memorizes the coordinates of the location, smashes the GPS device, and then heads back where we see he has printed the numbers onto a lottery ticket.  Smart.

After all the emotion, distress, and physical labor that Walt suffers from in the desert, his battery finally hits 0% and he passes out in front of Skyler right as he is going to get into the shower.  When Walt wakes up, he has a true Walter White moment when he pleads Skyler to not give up the money and let “it all be for nothing”.  For me this brought back moments from the beginning of the show, just a man trying to provide more for his family and overcome past regrets.  Walt thinks it’s over at this point and Skyler will turn him in, but, Skysenberg is there in full form saying how they need to “keep quiet” because Hank doesn’t have enough proof and if he did get Walt, he would get the money as well.  Once again, the Heisenbergs vs. the Schraders.

As the episode begins to wrap up, we find Lydia visiting the cartel meth lab and arguing with Declan about bringing Todd back as the cook.  This leads to them being taken out by Todd and his uncle who are working with Lydia now and trying to solve their low quality meth problem.  Possibly going to extreme measures to bring back Walt because he is the master chef? It seems though this will be the threat that has Walt “coming back to save someone” in the flash forward and having an M60 and Ricin.

Just when it seems over, we realize, wait, where’s Jesse been this entire episode? Well, sadly, we see Jesse sitting in an interrogation room, staring, broken. He has completely lost it at this point and doesn’t care that the cops know he has tossed millions across the city, he doesn’t say anything. Hank is preparing to head into the room and try his best to get Jesse to talk.  The scene even places them looking like they are sitting in a church confession booth…

Which is the priest, which is the sinner?

Which is the priest, which is the sinner?

Oh, and if you didn’t know, the next episode is titled “Confessions” so it plays in even more.  The promo is another of conversations between characters as we see them doing something else on screen.  We hear Jesse and Saul having a conversation and Saul claiming something along the lines of, “I wouldn’t have let him do it if I knew what he was going to do” which would be referring to the death of either Mike or the poisoning of Brock. My guess sticks with it being about Mike because that is the most recent death and Jesse already has his suspicions after he clearly didn’t believe when he came to talk.  He probably forces it out of Saul and we might see him turn Walt in? Who knows.

Either way, this was another perfect episode.  I just love this show because it’s truly a masterpiece and I never know what’s coming next even with all my guessing and reading before hand.  Only six episodes left… see y’all next week.

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New Eastbound & Down Teaser

A nice teaser for the return of Kenny Fuckin’ Powers. It’s going to be a great and bizarre return, no doubt, but September 29th needs to come sooner!

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New Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Poster

New Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Poster

New poster for the second movie in the Hobbit trilogy. Looks pretty cool if you ask me, I thought the first movie was really awesome!

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Marvel Popularity Infograph!

Marvel Popularity Infograph!

Check out this awesome infographic that shows which characters are creating the most buzz among people.  It breaks into the top 10 of the Avengers, Mutants, Villains, and Cosmic characters.  The data is reflecting the past 30 days, so it’s recent, which is nice! 


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Bryan Cranston as…. Lex Luthor?

Bryan Cranston as…. Lex Luthor?

After being rumored as a possible contender for the role, everyone’s favorite meth mastermind is speaking up about wanting to play Lex Luthor in the next Superman movie. That’s right, Bryan Cranston wants the role,

“Give me a call. I like Lex Luthor. I think he’s misunderstood. He’s a lovable, sweet man.”

Hell yeah, this would be so awesome! We’ll just have to wait and see!

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