Dexter S8E05 “This Little Piggy” Review

Wow, this episode started off moving pretty slow but picked up at the end and the preview for next week shows that the excitement and tension are about to explode but I’ll get to that!

There’s a lot to talk about!

Alright, season 8 has really kept my interest up so far.  This episode was great, let’s get to it. So Dex and Deb open in a therapy session with Vogel about the car situation from the previous episode.  I always wonder if Vogel is manipulating Dexter and Deb in some way because she is the mediator of their conversation and is smart enough to bend their thoughts or feelings with her magical words.  Dex is pretty pissed so we see him get up and leave, Deb commenting that she has never experienced Dex get so mad before.  I had a thought for a second that maybe Dex will just be pushed to go full psycho and start murdering everyone and end with him going off to kill, but that’s just a reach theory.

I actually laughed out loud at the exchange between Dex and Harrison over TV time before school and when Dex said it was the last warning I was waiting for Harrison to ask again and Dex snap back with a “NO FUCKING CARTOONS HARRISON”. Gets me every time…

The Quinn’s Quest for Sargent plot seems to be a roller coaster ride; sometimes I find myself interested, other times I think it’s a waste, but the preview for next weeks episode made Quinn a super interesting character, but again, later. Quinn runs the briefing method and I was like, wow, he’s actually doing something…productive. Good for him.  Then he has some exchange with Matthews and basically has to give in to the man and follow his every word or else he won’t get the Sargent position.  The guy just can’t win, but we’re used to that by now.

After this Vogel gets taken by Yates and eventually Deb and Dex go to track them down and save her.  Miami Metro is also investigating Yates and discovers bodies of victims in his backyard.  They point out that the toes are all bent and actually started to heal before death; revealing his ritual.  It seems that this would put the Brain Surgeon still at large… Vogel clearly is withholding information of some sorts that will probably end up making things really easy to solve, but, ya know, drama…

Then we get a Dexter fatality kill on the bed which was just amazing! More interesting though, Dexter brings Deb and Vogel with him to dump the body, further revealing his rituals and opening up. He even says, “I want to be with family” when asked by Deb why he decided to bring them along.


Mmm, family bonding


So although my mind started to race with possibilities as to where the season will go now, the preview for the next episode comes on and just blows my mind even more.  So there is a lot of focus on the son of the guy in the scandal, I don’t remember his name, but the son’s name is Zach, Zack? whatever you prefer. The kid is a killer though and has a real interest in blood too. We hear Vogel suggests teaching him the code and Dexter doesn’t seem on board with the idea.  So at this point I was even more like “what the hell is happening! my brain!” but wait there’s more…

Next, no it’s not over yet, we see Angel tell Quinn he doesn’t get the Sargent position, and Quinn just looks confused and destroyed. He asks Dex to get anything he can on the Zach kid, but Dex claims he has nothing, at the moment.  Dex gives Zach the tranquilizer, but Quinn sees! A depressed and/or drunk looking Quinn was tailing Zach for the case and sees Dex do his deed! Rolls down the window and gives a casual, “I know what you’re doing” and my computer screen went black…

Caught red handed!

Caught red handed!

So What’s Next?

Well, it will be interesting to see if Dexter and Deb’s relationship gets back to a normal level.  They clearly made progress in this episode and she was fine when he made the kill.  I thought Dexter coming around and bringing them onto the boat could open up the possibility of the three working together to take down other killers.

The Brain Surgeon is still out there and I think Vogel is keeping information from Dexter.  Maybe when they find out he’s not Yates or dead she will come forward, but that plot is clearly not finished.

The biggest question, is what kind of an interaction do Dexter and Quinn have.  I think it’s nothing to worry about honestly.  Look at it this way, there is enough evidence in the clip to let us know that Quinn approaches Dexter beforehand about getting ANYTHING he can on this Zach kid to prove that he’s guilty.  Dexter gets lucky and takes Zach down right after Quinn asks and he will probably assume that Dex is framing Zach or something along those lines.  Quinn isn’t the smartest so I’m sure Dex will weasel his way out.

Lastly, I  was wondering when Hannah McKay might make an appearance.

The season keeps heating up and is not letting down so far.  I’m happy with all of the possibilities for an ending to the series but I doubt any of my ideas are even close to correct.  It’s going to hurt pretty bad when Dexter and Breaking Bad both end for good so soon after one another…. sigh… 


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