Elysium: Continuing the Super Summer of Sci-Fi

On a spur of the moment decision, my two good friends and I went to check out Elysium. I have been highly anticipating this movie since I first saw the trailer. I love District 9; Neill Blomkamp is a very creative and imaginative writer and director, who continues to deliver great futuristic worlds filled with thrilling action packed sci-fi balanced out with tales of heroes fighting for a good cause.

Elysium stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and Sharlto Copley who all did a pretty good job throughout.  Jodie Foster was definitely the weakest link of the cast and she had a terrible accent the whole time.  Sigh. However, Damon and Copley were great as Max and the psychopath sleeper agent – Kruger. The fights between these two were pretty cool for the most part but as my friend pointed out, the slow motion action sequences got worn out and cheesy by the end of the film.

Damon and Copley square off as Max and Kruger.

The visuals were fantastic and Blomkamp just does such a great job of creating these dystopian futures. The healing technology on Elysium was very well done and Blomkamp provides some very clear and detailed healing processes which I thought were badass, yet others in the theater gasped and “ewwwed”. Elysium itself looked beautiful and just so well done, it’s a shame that we were only given a peek through the curtain and not an entire viewing of the stunning surface.  The makeup was simple and fitting for the setting to show the differences in people on Earth and Elysium.  The details on all of the technology helped further set up the sci-fi setting.

The biggest concern I had is that the plot gets to a point where it becomes very predictable which dulls the movie a little bit, but the movie was able to hold my interest from pure love and curiosity thinking , “what cool futuristic shit will I see next?!” so in the end it wasn’t a huge deal.  Overall, I really really enjoyed Elysium and thought it was another job well done by Blomkamp who has a knack for sci-fi.  Elysium made me  think that he would be an amazing writer and, or at least, directer for a Halo movie that I would love to see on the big screen.  If you enjoyed District 9 or are a sci-fi fan then definitely go check this one out.  Another solid original film that shows you can still think outside the box and give people something fresh and unique.


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