Breaking Bad 5.09 “Blood Money” Review

Holy shit is Breaking Bad certainly back!! Personally, I have three television shows that are in a category ranking above the rest for their consistent ability to keep me thinking and have no room to concretely guess what will happen next.  Those shows are, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and none other than, Breaking Bad.  Last night’s first episode of the final eight definitely did not let of the gas pedal and picked up right where everyone wanted it too. As soon as we see the garage begin to drop, enclosing Walt and Hank together,  Vince Gilligan letting us know, things are going to explode, so we better not waste time. 

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I want to return to the opening of the episode; the flash-forward.  We find our full hair and beard Walt returning to his home that is now condemned with skateboarders using the empty pool and “Heisenberg” largely spray painted on the wall.  Before breaking into his home, Walt also notices his next door neighbor staring at him in what seems to be a combination of pure shock and fear, as if she has not seen her neighbor who was outed as the man who recently blew up a nursing home. Walt gives her a simple “Hi, Carol.” and she drops her groceries.  We discover that Walt is returning to nab his ricin for unknown purposes and that concludes the scene.

I’m going to save all my speculation for the end of the article, but it’s clear that everything has gone to shit.  There are SEVEN episodes left until it’s over forever, and somehow we go from Hank finding out to Walt having a new identity? Well, I thought this opening scene was just amazing and Bryan Cranston directed the episode, so well done to him for getting me hooked immediately!

So we see that Walt is back receiving chemo completely confirming that his cancer has made a return.  This just introduces another contender to possibly take Walt down for good. We later discover that Walt is expecting to live for only another six months.  Oh great…. just another new plot line to explain!

A huge moment was shared between Walt and Jesse, I think their first interaction since Jesse claimed to be “out”. Jesse basically has a hunch or feeling that Mike is in fact dead (and he’s correct), but Walt shows up and still denies it.  Jesse is almost in tears while Walt is saying, “I need you to believe me”. I think that this is pretty important because Walt might even be buying into the lie himself to the point where he just needs to think Jesse believes him and it will make him feel less guilty.  However, I think that Walt will just be digging himself a deeper hole if Jesse does find out anything else. I could also see him flipping sides and being the one to tell on Walt to Hank.

Eventually, Walt realizes that his book is missing, and after Skylar has no idea what has happened, Walt smartly checks his car and finds a police tracking device stuck on there…. uh oh!

Next, the big moment, Walt visits Hank and brings up the tracker on the car…. Hank shuts the garage door and gives Walt a big ol’ punch across the face.  Hank was definitely saving that punch for whoever Heisenberg turned out to be, but the fury from him. That scene was just amazing, the episode was amazing! So much is going to happen!

When Hank meets Heisenberg

When Hank meets Heisenberg

Alright, speculation time. I’m going to put these into bullets to save you readers some time…

  • The Flash-Forward: So we know from an interview that Walt is coming back to save someone, the question is who.  He has clearly been outed as Heisenberg and had to take up a new look and identity for additional unknown reasons.  When he is in the diner, he is alone and mimicking what Skylar used to do for his birthday with the bacon.  We know that Walt has adapted characteristics from each person he has killed, so could this be foreshadowing Skylar’s death? I think it’s a very good theory, and that Walt will either feel guilty for her death or actually kill her because she was going to talk to the police about everything.  Either way, the episode “52” which I assume will pick up at the diner scene, means that shit has to go down before then, and the promo for next episode seems like a lot of people talking to one another.
  • Jesse: Jesse could also be the one to turn on Walt and confess to the cops.  This episode was focused on him struggling to come to terms with everything he has done in the past year to the point where he is tossing 100K onto the lawns of the poor.  If Hank sees that Walt stopped over there on the tracker, it would be the best chance that Hank would have to get Jesse to flip.  In the promo for episode 10, we hear Hank talking about how Walt is a monster.  I think it will either be to Skylar or Jesse, because those two would be Hank’s only chance of getting a witness to turn.
  • Lydia: We saw her trying to convince Heisenberg to get back into the game because the purity rate has dropped to 68% so she is pretty pissed that her market is dying.  Considering she is powerful and knows Walt’s identity, could she kidnap his family or Jesse as leverage to make him cook? This could be possible, but we have already seen that this half season will largely focus on Hank and Walt, so Lydia is in the back of my mind for now.
  • Walt: Lastly, let’s talk about Walt himself. Looking back, he is Gus now. The way he handles speaking to Lydia at his business is exactly how Gus handled him. We then see him vomiting and he calmly places a neatly folded towel below his knees, like Gus did…. where does Walt stand? I am interested to see who he is coming back to save and why.  I don’t necessarily think Walt should be redeemed, but I love seeing what Heisenberg will do next.  People say what, how can you like him, and I just say, it’s tv, it’s not real, I want truly want to see how deep down the rabbit hole of evil Walt is willing to travel.

Either way, great first episode, I have so many ideas and cannot safely agree with one without discovering holes or extremities.  7 episodes left…. sigh, but I can’t wait to see everything play out!



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