Kick-Ass 2 (Comic) Review

About a week ago I finished up the second string of Kick-Ass comics just before the release of the film.  Then in the midst of packing and moving stuff down to my school apartment, I never got around to writing a review, until now.

Kick-Ass 2 picks up with Dave and Mindy living their lives like semi-normal kids but adding in super intense training everyday to better fend off criminals and wrong-doers. However, quickly into the first issue, Marcus confronts Mindy on a secret stash of weapons he finds hidden within her floor and makes her promise to give up being Hit Girl and fighting crime.  Meanwhile, Dave is still policing the streets as Kick-Ass but he is doing a team up with the first new hero we see, Doctor Gravity.


Colonel Stars looking mean

After teaming up, we are introduced to a whole group of superheroes known as Justice Forever and is led by Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes, two bad-ass looking, America representing masked vigilantes. These are the staple characters going forward and they all look really cool.  The biggest thing I love about these comics is how creative it is for a superhero comic.  The first string of comics and the movie were a different take on the superhero genre, so it’s always cool to see new costumes.

From here the series builds to what will be a straight up battle of good vs. evil which will probably get interesting because everyone can die and there are no actual superpowers.  Everything that happens along the way in these comics keeps the same extreme tone of the first one and actually, I would say even goes further than the original.

Yet, when looking past the substantial amounts of violence and crisis, it becomes justifiable to reveal just how psychotic the newly re-named, Motherfucker (Red Mist) really is.  It is the same for the other characters, there is more development for everyone and the universe is hopefully expanding for future installments.

The artwork and writing are the same, so no problems or surprises there.  The heroes and villains are all so well-done; how they are drawn and written.  It’s hard to be unique with superheroes nowadays, but Kick-Ass is something of its own.  The comics are relatively short and can be completed in a day because there are only seven issues.  It’s fun, it’s short,  it’s more of the same, and its purpose seems to be a foundation to build the next film upon.  If you like the movies, check the comics out!


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