Unused Avengers Scene Concept that Hints Ultron

I stumbled on this video thanks to the great people over at Reddit’s r/Marvel sub. It’s a conceptual scene that was never used which hints at Jarvis evolving into Ultron. The scene has a pretty dark tone and Jarvis even has a line saying, “You hate them sir.” referring to the Avengers.

It seems like Jarvis is trying to get Tony to completely turn on humanity and realize that he could continue to perfect technology and A.I. and takeover the world saying, “You built all of this” and that Tony is better than everyone.

The music is great too and really gives this short clip a dark tone. If this does relate to the Avengers: AoU then I am even more excited. The Marvel movies are all a lot of fun, but for those who read the comics, you know Tony has huge problems, and I think seeing him be emotionally and physically drained by losing Jarvis and creating Ultron will be a dark and very good sequel.


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