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South Park S17E01 “Let Go, Let Gov” Review

I’m so happy whenever South Park returns with new episodes.  It’s safe to say this is my favorite comedy show because of it’s creativity and bravery to push the limits with their jokes.  It’s hilarious that they don’t care who they piss off.

This episode highlights the recent NSA scandals and the government always watching us.  The main plot line follows Cartman, who is constantly promoting his social media presence with blog posts, video blog posts, and tweets in protest about all of the government surveillance.  He hatches a plot that involves him infiltrating the NSA and leaking all of their secrets.

Along the way, Cartman decides to use the next social media product, “The Shitter” which connects to your brain and projects your thoughts.  The only users end up being Cartman and Alec Baldwin, so there is an enjoyable amount of Alec Baldwin’s thoughts about hating gays.

The second plot focus is on Butters and his highly favorable view of the government.  Butters of course worships the government, and prays to them each night to protect his family and friends.  Two Jehovah’s Witness members knock on his door and Butters ends up converting them to the church of the government.  A hilarious movement that, according to Butters, “doesn’t listen in on you to punish you, they just want you to admit your mistakes”.

Meanwhile, Cartman is working at the NSA and is eventually shown that they have Santa wired up to a machine that gives them surveillance on every person.  However, when he reveals his identity and leaks all of the information through social media, he is just made fun of and sent home.  Yet, in the end, Butters still converts Cartman to worship the government because they will forgive him for his wrongdoings.

The episode wasn’t anything crazy but definitely had moments that made me laugh out loud.  Stan, Kyle, and Kenny all briefly appear in the beginning of the episode and then disappear to leave the focus on Cartman and Butters, which wasn’t bad but wasn’t the best.  Either way, South Park did not disappoint for it’s 17th first episode. I’m excited to see what the episodes make fun of, the NSA was a great start, but personally, I’m hoping that they do a Breaking Bad episode!

What did everyone think of the episode?


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Gotham is Coming to the Small Screen!

Gotham is Coming to the Small Screen!

Looks like Fox is developing a television show about a young James Gordon and his days in the force going around Gotham.  Batman will not be in the show, but I like that so much because the villains still will be.  Now, I’m expecting this to do what I’m hoping Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will do; showcase minor heroes/villains that are awesome and important but don’t make it to the movies. Gordon could encounter Nightwing, Deathstroke, Killer Croc, Victor Zsasz, Catwoman, who knows.  There is just so much source material to pull from that I think this will be an awesome show! I’m excited to hear more!

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New Girl S3E02 “Nerd” Review – The Hammer is the Way to Go

Tonight’s New Girl episode had a lot of good things going for it.  I’m still nervous about Nick and Jess getting together so early in the show, but I’m optimistic that they will become a lovable Jim & Pam -esque couple who are great together and you like to have around, and tonight is what that felt like as we now watch them grow together. Winston had a hilarious plot tonight, which I thought was good because while I do like Winston, I feel like his plot lines have been pretty boring and unimportant. Schmidt’s story is receiving the largest portion of my attention because he’s in the toughest spot out of anyone, and tonight really tested his emotions and showed the caring side of his character.

Jess is stuck as an outsider at the new school she’s teaching at and devises how she can better fit in with a specific clique of teachers.  Nick shows up to the school with a tribute of some throw together school supplies and on a whim invites them to his bar where “teachers drink free”.  While Jess is at first against the idea, Nick explains to Jess that she really has no choice because she is the “nerd” trying to fit in and earn approval.  This leads to the teachers and Jess trying to break into the principal’s backyard to use his Jacuzzi. Nick warns Jess as she hops the fence, but then joins her, solidifying their relationship by letting her know that if he can’t change her mind, he’ll still join her.  It was a really nice scene that held the same goofy and light humor while mixing in a loving moment and eased my feelings about Nick and Jess getting together.  I really liked their plot tonight and thought it showed how the characters still have much to offer one another despite being a couple now, and hopefully this is the start of a fun and solid relationship.

Winston’s story was really funny tonight, and I thought that was a good change.  I’m hoping to see Winston eventually get a more serious plot because he just seems to be around while Nick, Jess, and Schmidt are dealing with really serious situations.  Then again, maybe because of that they are keeping him in a humor role and will develop something for him later.  Either way, tonight Winston starts off really excited to take care of Daisy’s cat because he wants to become exclusive with her.  He heads to her house where it sounds like someone is in the shower, and although Daisy denies it, there is a men’s sized shoe on the ground.  Winston asks her if someone is in the shower but she says she was about to get in, however, the water magically goes off and then the toilet flushes moments later.  Clearly, Daisy is cheating on Winston, yet he still takes the cat and plans to kill it for revenge.  A great scene ensues where Winston has placed multiple life ending items on the kitchen table and he is going to have the cat pick – “The hammer is a good way to go”. Eventually, Daisy returns for the cat and Winston (who has not killed the cat) confronts her about the other day where she admits to having sex with someone else.  Winston takes a stand and ends his relationship with Daisy and also keeps the cat because it deserves better.

This brings us to the plot that I, personally, and the most interested in; Schmidt and his love triangle.  Still currently dating both Cece and Elizabeth he can’t think about picking one and hurting the other.  He invites Cece to a company party but both girls end up scheduled to come.  There is a bunch of running around and some huge luck on Schmidt’s side, but he plays it off and somehow survives with both girls finding out what’s really going on.  To see Schmidt balance the situation and dodge the truth was funny, but by the end of the night he looked like he was about to cry because I think he realizes how Cece or Elizabeth is going to get really hurt when he makes his decision.  I really wonder how much longer this is going to play out because Schmidt is going to lose both of them due to his dishonesty.  Either way, he’s not having fun doing all of this, so I’m expecting him to man up and handle it soon or else it’s going to bite him in the ass.

This second episode of New Girl was an improvement from the premiere, and the gang members each seem to be forming their individual plot lines for the season.  I want to see more of Nick and Jess and really think they could be a new Jim and Pam type couple, and now Winston can focus on doing something for himself or finding another girl.  Schmidt is going to have a long and rough season ahead of him; I expect him to choose Cece but not want to hurt Elizabeth and both girls will find out what is really going on.  He will try to explain himself and lose them both, then having to spend the season building his relationship with Cece back up, so I hope he’s ready to hang in there because either way it’s not looking pretty.  This should be another good season though!


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How I Met Your Mother S9E02 “Coming Back” Review

Last night How I Met Your Mother returned for it’s ninth and final season.  The show aired two back to back episodes and I already put out a review for the first, so here is my conclusion review to the second episode which was titled “Coming Back”.  The first episode finished on a nice sentimental note of Ted’s present to Robin being a picture of everyone when they first met, “so she doesn’t forget her friends”.

This episode picks up immediately highlighting how Ted is here without a girlfriend or wife.  He talks to Lily about it when walking up to the front desk and the clerk rubs it in by showing Lily all of the hotel’s services provided for couples while giving Ted a TV guide.  Ouch. Lily sprinkles some more salt into the wound by adding, “if I had to be here alone I would kill myself”. I found myself laughing yet after investing myself into nine seasons of this show I still feel bad for Ted and just want him and the mother to meet already!

Meanwhile in Minnesota, Marshall has just missed his flight and is in danger of missing the wedding.  Because of bad storms, all flights are cancelled to the east coast for the weekend and Marshall has to rent a car.  He has been competing with the woman he sat next to on the plane, so he is determined to beat her to New York.  Unfortunately, Marshall gets to the car rental behind the woman and is further back in a separate line. While Marshall is praying for a miracle, in classic HIMYM story moment, “Marshall got Herb,” a frail old man who replaces the current car rental attendant for Marshall’s line and he magically is the fastest, which magically leaves Marshall securing the final available car and leaving his opponent in the dust.

It turns out the car is a “2006 Monstrosity that gets 0.5 MPG” – Not bad if you ask me.

So Marshall has a short crisis as a big environmentalist and doesn’t want to take this car.  The woman says she has no problem taking it, forcing Marshall to keep it; however, they make a deal to drive together and split the driving.  Marshall is just a super nice guy, so I’m glad he didn’t get screwed over.

Back at Barney and Robin’s rehearsal dinner, while Barney gets up for a drink and his homosexual brother James admits to everyone else that he is getting a divorce from his partner Tom.  Robin freaks out because Barney claims that James and Tom are the only couple that make him believe in marriage. Her little faith in Barney is slightly surprising and a definite slip for Robin from her usual rock skin self.

Eventually, Barney figures out what is going on and he doesn’t get mad, but leads Robin to the hotel room for James and Tom where he set up a big anniversary surprise.  It’s another touching moment that highlights Barney’s growth and acceptance about the marriage.  He seems to love Robin and while he will have a freak out, it’s nice to see him act like an adult and still be funny and cool.

On top of this, the end of the episode has one of the best and worst moments ever for Ted.  I loved how they filmed and edited the scene to overlap current depressed alone Ted with future Ted who returns with the Mother.

Ted comes back to Farmhampton with the Mother!

Ted comes back to Farmhampton with the Mother!

Future Ted explains how he made a promise to himself that day to return next year with the girl that would be “the one”.  I thought it was a really clever way to incorporate showing us the relationship between Ted and the mother so we can watch it grow.

For the second episode of the season, really an extension from the first with how they were aired, was a nice way to finish up and bring back the show.  I thought that the order of events was well planned because they returned with a focus on the gang and transitioned into Ted and the mother, ending with a hopeful and inspiring scene.

This last season is really going to be great, and I’m sad to say goodbye to another great show, but this is what we have all been waiting for, so let’s enjoy it!

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Dexter Showrunner Tries to Help Explain the Series Finale

Dexter Showrunner Tries to Help Explain the Series Finale

Dexter showrunner, Scott Buck tries to further explain the finale of the show from this past weekend.  Lots of viewers were very disappointed with how their favorite serial killer went out (me included), so this helps I guess? It just made me more angry, and I still think the ending was poorly chosen.  I’m going to post my reasoning why soon, but in case you were confused, this helps.

What did you all think of the finale? Did you like it, not like it? I’m really curious because Dexter has had a lot of long-time dedicated followers!

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How I Met Your Mother S9E01 “The Locket” Review

So How I Met Your Mother is finally back and wasted no time in picking up right where season 8 left off.  Lily and Ted are driving to Barney and Robin’s wedding; Ted made a mixtape for the occasion that is cleverly titled “Lil’ and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, a great reference.

Next we are placed in Barney and Robin’s wedding limo that is being driven by Ranjit where they review their wedding.  They discuss the ring bearer, or as Barney would say, “ring bear”. Robin questions his pronunciation asking if he has something planned for the wedding that involves a bear, but Barney avoids the question, so I’m really hoping there is, in fact, a ring bear at the wedding. The two eventually go over their family “wildcards” – the craziest relatives they have.  They come across a mutual relative and begin to freak out; however, it turns out the relative is adopted into Robin’s family and married someone in Barney’s, phew.

We return to Lily and Ted  who eventually get into an argument that causes Lily to end up taking a train.  This is where she meets the mother for the first time.  Lily is making very unique and extreme facial expressions while realizing that Ted wanted her to take the train so that he could give Robin her locket as a gift and try to win her back one last time.  This is a horrible idea, so Lily is clearly super angry and the mother offers her a cookie that she calls a “sombitch”? I’m not sure how it’s spelled, but they sit next to each other and enjoy the ride.  She explains the situation but this is all we see of her for the first episode.

Ted has arrived at the hotel and is nearing Robin to give her the gift.  At this point, I was really hoping that by now Ted had learned his lesson with Robin and that in the ninth season of the show we aren’t still going to play this game.  As he hands her his present Lily comes flying into the picture where she tackles Ted because she believes he has made a mistake, but it turns out to just be a picture of the gang from when they first met.  A touching moment to close the first episode of the final season and reflect on how far the show has come.

Don’t think I forgot about Marshall though, what’s he been up to this episode? Well, he ended last season visiting his mother with Marvin one last time before him and Lily would leave for Italy, and it turns out he gets his dream job  judge position, which he immediately accepts without thinking through the consequences this would have.  He spends the episode boarding a plane with Marvin to New York for the wedding.  His mother posts a photo revealing that he is a judge but Marshall does not want her to know yet, so he calls his mother just before take off to walk her through deleting the photo.  His mother is not a tech genius and as he is yelling instructions at her which eventually gets him kicked off the plane for not powering down the phone.

The episode was a nice one that opened leaving no time to waste.  The story is pretty straightforward and I’m hoping that Ted meets the mother soon!

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It’s Time to Meet the Mother

Oh how my feelings towards television match the suddenly bleak weather outside. While many good shows, including Breaking Bad, Dexter, and The Newsroom, have returned and been wonderful to watch, many of them are now finishing for good. My favorite show of all time, Breaking Bad, has two episodes left! It’s sad to think about.

Yet, prolonging the idea of saying goodbye, How I Met Your Mother returns next Monday to begin its ninth and final season. After eight years, viewers will finally receive the moment they’ve been waiting for; meeting the mother. There will be two episodes this Monday (Sept. 23); The first is titled “The Locket”, and the second, “Coming Back”. The promo videos for “The Locket” reveal Lily interacting with the mother, so hopefully the season will waste no time and introduce her to Ted.

Looking back at the two part finale of last season, here are some key points about where the plot left off.

  • Robin wants Barney to help her find the buried locket but he refuses because he would rather play laser tag with Robin’s father. Later, it turns out Ted finds the locket and has to take it to Robin.
  • Marshall & Lily are packing for Rome but can’t decide what to take. However, Marshall ends up accepting a judge position that he has not told Lily about.
  • Robin & Barney are headed to their wedding in a limo driven by Ranjit.
  • The mother orders her ticket to Farmhampton.

It’s sometimes sad to think about change; Matt Smith is no longer going to be the Doctor, Heisenberg’s meth will be off the market, and Ted will finally meet the mother. However, these shows haven’t left just yet, so let’s cherish them while they’re on. I think this will be a fun final season for How I Met Your Mother that focuses on Ted’s relationship with the mother while continuing to incorporate the recurring jokes that we’ve all come to love for one last run.

I’m curious to see how things play out between Marshall and Lily because of his new job. How long do you think it will take for Ted to meet the mother? What predictions do you have for the upcoming season? 

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster

A new poster for the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who came out yesterday. It looks pretty cool, titled, “The Day of the Doctor” which we know includes David, Matt, and John Hurt. I’m really excited for this. Doctor Who is one of my top favorite shows and this story will probably be clever and great!

What do you think will happen? Will there be any surprise guests?

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Godzilla Revealed?

Godzilla Revealed?

A new photo popped up on the web earlier today of what is more than likely the official Godzilla for the upcoming film.

I hope this poster is real, because it looks like the older, original, Godzilla.

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True Detective Trailer

This is the trailer for a new HBO crime drama and mystery show True Detective, starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. I think it looks cool, I like both actors and HBO shows are usually well-done so check it out!

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