It’s Time to Meet the Mother

Oh how my feelings towards television match the suddenly bleak weather outside. While many good shows, including Breaking Bad, Dexter, and The Newsroom, have returned and been wonderful to watch, many of them are now finishing for good. My favorite show of all time, Breaking Bad, has two episodes left! It’s sad to think about.

Yet, prolonging the idea of saying goodbye, How I Met Your Mother returns next Monday to begin its ninth and final season. After eight years, viewers will finally receive the moment they’ve been waiting for; meeting the mother. There will be two episodes this Monday (Sept. 23); The first is titled “The Locket”, and the second, “Coming Back”. The promo videos for “The Locket” reveal Lily interacting with the mother, so hopefully the season will waste no time and introduce her to Ted.

Looking back at the two part finale of last season, here are some key points about where the plot left off.

  • Robin wants Barney to help her find the buried locket but he refuses because he would rather play laser tag with Robin’s father. Later, it turns out Ted finds the locket and has to take it to Robin.
  • Marshall & Lily are packing for Rome but can’t decide what to take. However, Marshall ends up accepting a judge position that he has not told Lily about.
  • Robin & Barney are headed to their wedding in a limo driven by Ranjit.
  • The mother orders her ticket to Farmhampton.

It’s sometimes sad to think about change; Matt Smith is no longer going to be the Doctor, Heisenberg’s meth will be off the market, and Ted will finally meet the mother. However, these shows haven’t left just yet, so let’s cherish them while they’re on. I think this will be a fun final season for How I Met Your Mother that focuses on Ted’s relationship with the mother while continuing to incorporate the recurring jokes that we’ve all come to love for one last run.

I’m curious to see how things play out between Marshall and Lily because of his new job. How long do you think it will take for Ted to meet the mother? What predictions do you have for the upcoming season? 


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