How I Met Your Mother S9E01 “The Locket” Review

So How I Met Your Mother is finally back and wasted no time in picking up right where season 8 left off.  Lily and Ted are driving to Barney and Robin’s wedding; Ted made a mixtape for the occasion that is cleverly titled “Lil’ and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, a great reference.

Next we are placed in Barney and Robin’s wedding limo that is being driven by Ranjit where they review their wedding.  They discuss the ring bearer, or as Barney would say, “ring bear”. Robin questions his pronunciation asking if he has something planned for the wedding that involves a bear, but Barney avoids the question, so I’m really hoping there is, in fact, a ring bear at the wedding. The two eventually go over their family “wildcards” – the craziest relatives they have.  They come across a mutual relative and begin to freak out; however, it turns out the relative is adopted into Robin’s family and married someone in Barney’s, phew.

We return to Lily and Ted  who eventually get into an argument that causes Lily to end up taking a train.  This is where she meets the mother for the first time.  Lily is making very unique and extreme facial expressions while realizing that Ted wanted her to take the train so that he could give Robin her locket as a gift and try to win her back one last time.  This is a horrible idea, so Lily is clearly super angry and the mother offers her a cookie that she calls a “sombitch”? I’m not sure how it’s spelled, but they sit next to each other and enjoy the ride.  She explains the situation but this is all we see of her for the first episode.

Ted has arrived at the hotel and is nearing Robin to give her the gift.  At this point, I was really hoping that by now Ted had learned his lesson with Robin and that in the ninth season of the show we aren’t still going to play this game.  As he hands her his present Lily comes flying into the picture where she tackles Ted because she believes he has made a mistake, but it turns out to just be a picture of the gang from when they first met.  A touching moment to close the first episode of the final season and reflect on how far the show has come.

Don’t think I forgot about Marshall though, what’s he been up to this episode? Well, he ended last season visiting his mother with Marvin one last time before him and Lily would leave for Italy, and it turns out he gets his dream job  judge position, which he immediately accepts without thinking through the consequences this would have.  He spends the episode boarding a plane with Marvin to New York for the wedding.  His mother posts a photo revealing that he is a judge but Marshall does not want her to know yet, so he calls his mother just before take off to walk her through deleting the photo.  His mother is not a tech genius and as he is yelling instructions at her which eventually gets him kicked off the plane for not powering down the phone.

The episode was a nice one that opened leaving no time to waste.  The story is pretty straightforward and I’m hoping that Ted meets the mother soon!


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