How I Met Your Mother S9E02 “Coming Back” Review

Last night How I Met Your Mother returned for it’s ninth and final season.  The show aired two back to back episodes and I already put out a review for the first, so here is my conclusion review to the second episode which was titled “Coming Back”.  The first episode finished on a nice sentimental note of Ted’s present to Robin being a picture of everyone when they first met, “so she doesn’t forget her friends”.

This episode picks up immediately highlighting how Ted is here without a girlfriend or wife.  He talks to Lily about it when walking up to the front desk and the clerk rubs it in by showing Lily all of the hotel’s services provided for couples while giving Ted a TV guide.  Ouch. Lily sprinkles some more salt into the wound by adding, “if I had to be here alone I would kill myself”. I found myself laughing yet after investing myself into nine seasons of this show I still feel bad for Ted and just want him and the mother to meet already!

Meanwhile in Minnesota, Marshall has just missed his flight and is in danger of missing the wedding.  Because of bad storms, all flights are cancelled to the east coast for the weekend and Marshall has to rent a car.  He has been competing with the woman he sat next to on the plane, so he is determined to beat her to New York.  Unfortunately, Marshall gets to the car rental behind the woman and is further back in a separate line. While Marshall is praying for a miracle, in classic HIMYM story moment, “Marshall got Herb,” a frail old man who replaces the current car rental attendant for Marshall’s line and he magically is the fastest, which magically leaves Marshall securing the final available car and leaving his opponent in the dust.

It turns out the car is a “2006 Monstrosity that gets 0.5 MPG” – Not bad if you ask me.

So Marshall has a short crisis as a big environmentalist and doesn’t want to take this car.  The woman says she has no problem taking it, forcing Marshall to keep it; however, they make a deal to drive together and split the driving.  Marshall is just a super nice guy, so I’m glad he didn’t get screwed over.

Back at Barney and Robin’s rehearsal dinner, while Barney gets up for a drink and his homosexual brother James admits to everyone else that he is getting a divorce from his partner Tom.  Robin freaks out because Barney claims that James and Tom are the only couple that make him believe in marriage. Her little faith in Barney is slightly surprising and a definite slip for Robin from her usual rock skin self.

Eventually, Barney figures out what is going on and he doesn’t get mad, but leads Robin to the hotel room for James and Tom where he set up a big anniversary surprise.  It’s another touching moment that highlights Barney’s growth and acceptance about the marriage.  He seems to love Robin and while he will have a freak out, it’s nice to see him act like an adult and still be funny and cool.

On top of this, the end of the episode has one of the best and worst moments ever for Ted.  I loved how they filmed and edited the scene to overlap current depressed alone Ted with future Ted who returns with the Mother.

Ted comes back to Farmhampton with the Mother!

Ted comes back to Farmhampton with the Mother!

Future Ted explains how he made a promise to himself that day to return next year with the girl that would be “the one”.  I thought it was a really clever way to incorporate showing us the relationship between Ted and the mother so we can watch it grow.

For the second episode of the season, really an extension from the first with how they were aired, was a nice way to finish up and bring back the show.  I thought that the order of events was well planned because they returned with a focus on the gang and transitioned into Ted and the mother, ending with a hopeful and inspiring scene.

This last season is really going to be great, and I’m sad to say goodbye to another great show, but this is what we have all been waiting for, so let’s enjoy it!


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