New Girl S3E02 “Nerd” Review – The Hammer is the Way to Go

Tonight’s New Girl episode had a lot of good things going for it.  I’m still nervous about Nick and Jess getting together so early in the show, but I’m optimistic that they will become a lovable Jim & Pam -esque couple who are great together and you like to have around, and tonight is what that felt like as we now watch them grow together. Winston had a hilarious plot tonight, which I thought was good because while I do like Winston, I feel like his plot lines have been pretty boring and unimportant. Schmidt’s story is receiving the largest portion of my attention because he’s in the toughest spot out of anyone, and tonight really tested his emotions and showed the caring side of his character.

Jess is stuck as an outsider at the new school she’s teaching at and devises how she can better fit in with a specific clique of teachers.  Nick shows up to the school with a tribute of some throw together school supplies and on a whim invites them to his bar where “teachers drink free”.  While Jess is at first against the idea, Nick explains to Jess that she really has no choice because she is the “nerd” trying to fit in and earn approval.  This leads to the teachers and Jess trying to break into the principal’s backyard to use his Jacuzzi. Nick warns Jess as she hops the fence, but then joins her, solidifying their relationship by letting her know that if he can’t change her mind, he’ll still join her.  It was a really nice scene that held the same goofy and light humor while mixing in a loving moment and eased my feelings about Nick and Jess getting together.  I really liked their plot tonight and thought it showed how the characters still have much to offer one another despite being a couple now, and hopefully this is the start of a fun and solid relationship.

Winston’s story was really funny tonight, and I thought that was a good change.  I’m hoping to see Winston eventually get a more serious plot because he just seems to be around while Nick, Jess, and Schmidt are dealing with really serious situations.  Then again, maybe because of that they are keeping him in a humor role and will develop something for him later.  Either way, tonight Winston starts off really excited to take care of Daisy’s cat because he wants to become exclusive with her.  He heads to her house where it sounds like someone is in the shower, and although Daisy denies it, there is a men’s sized shoe on the ground.  Winston asks her if someone is in the shower but she says she was about to get in, however, the water magically goes off and then the toilet flushes moments later.  Clearly, Daisy is cheating on Winston, yet he still takes the cat and plans to kill it for revenge.  A great scene ensues where Winston has placed multiple life ending items on the kitchen table and he is going to have the cat pick – “The hammer is a good way to go”. Eventually, Daisy returns for the cat and Winston (who has not killed the cat) confronts her about the other day where she admits to having sex with someone else.  Winston takes a stand and ends his relationship with Daisy and also keeps the cat because it deserves better.

This brings us to the plot that I, personally, and the most interested in; Schmidt and his love triangle.  Still currently dating both Cece and Elizabeth he can’t think about picking one and hurting the other.  He invites Cece to a company party but both girls end up scheduled to come.  There is a bunch of running around and some huge luck on Schmidt’s side, but he plays it off and somehow survives with both girls finding out what’s really going on.  To see Schmidt balance the situation and dodge the truth was funny, but by the end of the night he looked like he was about to cry because I think he realizes how Cece or Elizabeth is going to get really hurt when he makes his decision.  I really wonder how much longer this is going to play out because Schmidt is going to lose both of them due to his dishonesty.  Either way, he’s not having fun doing all of this, so I’m expecting him to man up and handle it soon or else it’s going to bite him in the ass.

This second episode of New Girl was an improvement from the premiere, and the gang members each seem to be forming their individual plot lines for the season.  I want to see more of Nick and Jess and really think they could be a new Jim and Pam type couple, and now Winston can focus on doing something for himself or finding another girl.  Schmidt is going to have a long and rough season ahead of him; I expect him to choose Cece but not want to hurt Elizabeth and both girls will find out what is really going on.  He will try to explain himself and lose them both, then having to spend the season building his relationship with Cece back up, so I hope he’s ready to hang in there because either way it’s not looking pretty.  This should be another good season though!



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