South Park S17E01 “Let Go, Let Gov” Review

I’m so happy whenever South Park returns with new episodes.  It’s safe to say this is my favorite comedy show because of it’s creativity and bravery to push the limits with their jokes.  It’s hilarious that they don’t care who they piss off.

This episode highlights the recent NSA scandals and the government always watching us.  The main plot line follows Cartman, who is constantly promoting his social media presence with blog posts, video blog posts, and tweets in protest about all of the government surveillance.  He hatches a plot that involves him infiltrating the NSA and leaking all of their secrets.

Along the way, Cartman decides to use the next social media product, “The Shitter” which connects to your brain and projects your thoughts.  The only users end up being Cartman and Alec Baldwin, so there is an enjoyable amount of Alec Baldwin’s thoughts about hating gays.

The second plot focus is on Butters and his highly favorable view of the government.  Butters of course worships the government, and prays to them each night to protect his family and friends.  Two Jehovah’s Witness members knock on his door and Butters ends up converting them to the church of the government.  A hilarious movement that, according to Butters, “doesn’t listen in on you to punish you, they just want you to admit your mistakes”.

Meanwhile, Cartman is working at the NSA and is eventually shown that they have Santa wired up to a machine that gives them surveillance on every person.  However, when he reveals his identity and leaks all of the information through social media, he is just made fun of and sent home.  Yet, in the end, Butters still converts Cartman to worship the government because they will forgive him for his wrongdoings.

The episode wasn’t anything crazy but definitely had moments that made me laugh out loud.  Stan, Kyle, and Kenny all briefly appear in the beginning of the episode and then disappear to leave the focus on Cartman and Butters, which wasn’t bad but wasn’t the best.  Either way, South Park did not disappoint for it’s 17th first episode. I’m excited to see what the episodes make fun of, the NSA was a great start, but personally, I’m hoping that they do a Breaking Bad episode!

What did everyone think of the episode?


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