How I Met Your Mother S9E03 “Last Time in New York” Review – Wisconsin is the Worst Place in the World

The episode picks up with Barney and Robin going over some wedding plans – Barney continues to say “ring bear” leaving Robin left to hope that he’s not going to bring one to the wedding. I’m really loving this joke so far because knowing Barney, he could have some huge spectacle for the wedding.

Ted has put together a list of things he wants to do before he leaves New York and Lily finds it.  She is still the only one who knows about his secretly planned departure because Ted does not want to pull attention from Barney and Robin’s wedding.  Ted’s list has a specific date listed on and when Lily asks, Ted admits to slashing her dress during a sword fight between him and Marshall.  This allows for some nice past sword fighting moments and good bonding between Ted and Lily.

Meanwhile,  Robin and Barney trying to find a more exotic place to have sex so they don’t feel old.  In the process they are avoiding their old relatives who they compare to zombies; slow moving, groaning, etc. The couple comes across an ice room and decide to head in because it is too cold for the elderly. They discover that James has already claimed the hiding place; however, after discussing their premarital woes with him, he decides to give them the room so that they don’t lose their sexual attraction like he and Tom.  James heads out into the hallway where he is immediately bombed with questions from the relatives.

Barney and Robin split up to cover more ground on their search for a room, and Robin heads into the bar where she glances at Ted’s list.  Just as Ted seemed to get caught red handed and about to disturb the wedding feeling, Lily claims the list to be hers; saying she wants to do it all before she heads to Italy. Robin brings up the date again and asks Lily if she came clean about breaking  Ted and Marshall’s $600 bottle of scotch and then replacing it with a horrid concoction of ingredients.

Eventually, Barney and Robin think they discover a room to do the deed in, however, it turns out to be occupied by two of the relatives having sex.  After stumbling out of the room gagging in disgust, Barney and Robin realize how actually admirable it is that they are still attracted to each other at an old age, and realize that they will be like that too.

We then return to Lily and Ted, where Lily asks Ted for probably the third time in the episode if he is avoiding Barney.  He admits that he feels awkward to which Lily gives him a hard time for and talks about how he needs to just let it go and realize the positives going on around him.  She gives a really great speech that really shows the strength of their friendship; she brings up how he should turn things like “have a last scotch with Barney” into “have the first scotch with Barney on the biggest day of his life” and this is able to set Ted’s thinking straight.

Ted hops up and decides he should have the drink with Barney now. He heads out onto the deck of the building with two glasses in hand but is stopped short by Barney’s admittance to seeing him and Robin by the carousel.  I surely wasn’t expecting it, and of course, after this the show ends.

Overall, I thought it was a nice episode, but nothing special.  There were good touching moments in tonight’s episode with light humor woven in along the way.  I’m curious to see how Ted and Barney’s talk goes, but I hope it doesn’t create too big of a deal.

  • One quick point I want to bring up is Marshall. He’s still on a road trip with Daphne, but this episode he provided the most amount of humor because he and Marvin had to drive through Wisconsin “the worst place in the world” according to our favorite Vikings fan.  Seeing him in Packers gear was too funny!

Did anyone else like the episode? How do you think Barney and Ted’s talk will go – will Ted’s secret move to Cleveland be revealed as well? The wedding is only getting closer!



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