True Detective 1.2 Review: “Seeing Things”

I apologize for getting this up late in the week, I’ve been busy with starting my last semester of classes, returning to work, and started writing some official reviews for  It’s been a great start to the semester and I’ve stayed pretty organized, am working hard, and feel good.

I really enjoy relaxing after my work with a beer and a bunch of good t.v., especially during True Detective.  I’m still waiting to see this show really get going once we know more about the plots, but the mystery surrounding everything is definitely keeping me drawn in and wanting more.  This past week’s episode, Seeing Things, stepped more into the personal lives of the detectives while the antler murder takes a back seat for a majority of the episode.

After his little office interaction last episode, I was wondering how long it would take until we saw Marty cheat.  We barely see any of Marty’s wife and daughter already, so do we really think he can successfully keep this up?

I really liked when Rust calls him out by smell in the locker room; it makes me think that Rust’s sly but truthful remarks will push too far at some point and cause him and Marty’s falling out.

Eventually their leads take them to a run down abandoned church that seems pretty uneventful.  After scanning for anything unusual, Rust discovers a painting on the wall that is covered, and after brushing back nature, sees a picture resembling the antler girl murder.

I thought this was a solid follow up episode that gave us a little more of a personal introduction to who these characters really are.  Marty isn’t as moral as he plays himself up to be, while Rust just seems to fall more and more out of it, having strange hallucinations this episode. I like these characters a lot and can’t wait for episode 3 of True Detective.

What did everyone else think of Seeing Things?


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