The 5 DC Rebirth Titles I’m Most Excited For

The 5 DC Rebirth Titles I'm Most Excited For

I’ve been on a pretty big DC kick lately and am really excited to complete the couple of New 52 stories I’m reading and move on to the upcoming Rebirth titles. There is so much coming out of the Rebirth movement and it’s a fresh start on all of DC’s comics, which means there is going to be a lot of juicy content to read through.


5. Batman

Batman is last on my list because I never have any doubts about the Dark Knight. You basically are guaranteed to get a good story out of Batman and the bat family. Batman is one of the very few New 52 titles that I actually really enjoy and I’m only about halfway through the run. Scott Snyder has a good grasp on the character and I can’t see myself not enjoying a Batman story. The new triple Joker idea is super interesting and it adds a fresh idea to the biggest rivalry DC has, so I’m really excited to see how that alters Batman going forward.

4. Deathstroke

I love stories focused on villains or anti-heroes and adding depth to their stories and characters. I don’t know a whole lot about Deathstroke, and that’s exciting to me because I’m hoping that this story can make me love the character and really get in touch with his personality. I like that the description for the book talks about the character having the chance to re-invent himself, because, while I don’t need to see Deathstroke have some change of heart of personality change, I like the idea that he is going to possibly be confronting his past.

To me, the pitch they’ve given us for Deathstroke seems really well-rounded and like it’s going to be a really good solo story. While I haven’t read anything by Christopher Priest, I definitely know who he is. I’m excited to have these two come together because it only increases my interest. Deathstroke is just a cool character, and adding some more complexity to him is a great opportunity.

3. New Super-Man

This is a super interesting concept to me, but I think it’s a fantastic one. “A young man living in Shanghai receives the powers of Superman,” is really cool and sort of offers a neat new spin on a YA Super-Man character. I’m all for diversity, but I prefer there to be originality behind it, so while this isn’t anything unique in that it just gives pre-existing powers to a new character, it’s completely separated (at least for now) from all of the DC titles in America.

I’m just curious to see something new here. I love the idea that this kid is going to have his whole life changed and how he will use his powers in China. This is the most intriguing title to me and something I’m hoping is super awesome.

2. The Flash

The Flash family is coming back!! It would be naive to not have this on here but it seems like the culmination of everything that makes the Flash such a rich character is being restored. I love the Flash, everyone loves the Flash and I really wanna see awesome adventures with Barry and all of his disciples just like we get with Batman.

1. Titans

I think everyone who is a previously established DC Comics fan in any form is going to be the most excited for the new Titans series. WALLY WEST…. Wally is back and on top of that he’s back in a series with Dick, Donna, Garth, and the gang. I’m just thrilled to see these characters back together and know it’s going to be amazing. Not only are these great characters reuniting but the phenomenal Dan Abnett. My favorite comic run ever is Abnett and Lanning’s Guardians of the Galaxy back in 2008. He is one of my favorite writers and I’m super thrilled to see him on such a main series for Rebirth. His deal with DC also has him writing Aquaman, which is why I’ll probably read that as well.

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