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First Look at The CW’s Flash Costume

So everyone loves the Flash; he’s the most relaxed, funny, and generally likable superhero in the DC Comic universe. It’s awesome that he will finally be represented on screen in the modern era, and holds even more promise because of how good Arrow has been so far for its first two seasons.

I’m not totally sold on Gustin yet, only because I haven’t seen him in anything, but from the little bit we saw in Arrowhe seemed fine.

I definitely love this picture though, the head part of the suit looks awesome and about as good as I could have imagined it. Hopefully a full body picture is released soon and the entire costume can be revealed!

What do you think?


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First Glimpse of The Flash on Arrow

Here’s a video with a quick preview to the upcoming episode of Arrow that introduces Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash. This gives DC fans a first glimpse of what’s to come from the next installment of their TV Universe. I think the last I heard was that the Flash tv show will not relate to the planned Flash and Justice League movies.

I like the majority of what Arrow is doing and I’ve noticed a lot of similarities to Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. I like how they are building the show so far, and hopefully the Flash can follow this structure.

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CW Moving Forward with Flash!

CW Moving Forward with Flash!

Rejoice fellow fans of the red blur!

An article popped up earlier today revealing that with their recent success in Arrow, The CW plans to prioritize the Flash.  A Barry Allen Flash will pop up as “a recurring character on Arrow in the 2013-2014 second season” and it is confirmed they are giving us his origin story.

I think this is great because CW executive Mark Pedowitz is also set to direct the Flash movie and while most were hoping to see (my favorite) Wally West and not Barry Allen, Pedowitz might be planning to knock out the origin story on TV and have us be up to speed for the Justice League Movie or the Flash movie in 2016-17.

This seems like DC has good things to come and is beginning to plan out their Universe similar to what Marvel has done.

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