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Pros and Cons to the Batman v. Superman Trailer


Last night the full length Batman v. Superman trailer was released during Jimmy Kimmel Live! When I initially discovered that this would be the followup to MoS, I was pretty pumped that we were going to get Batman back in the DCMU so quickly. Although I’m not the hugest Zack Snyder fan, I do like a lot of his work; Watchmen was amazing and even 300 was super cool. Yet, his take on Superman was definitely different from what we’ve seen before.

I’ve loved the dark tone that is being established for this universe because it worked for the Nolan Batman trilogy and brings a unique style to these classic heroes and their stories. Henry Cavill is a pretty solid Superman in my opinion (although I’m not the biggest expert on the character) and I have enjoyed his performance so far. I was on board with Battfleck from the moment it happened, and have really only questioned the Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor decision although I can understand what they saw in him (see Social Network).

When the San Diego Comic-Con trailer was released, I was actually more on board for BvS than I ever had been. It was just like seeing the first clips for The Avengers where I was just mind blown to see these characters on the big screen together. I loved everything it had set up and actually thought the movie looked pretty badass; however, last night’s full trailer was a huge let down to me, and it seemed like the bad outweighed the good.

The Pros:


  • The DC holy Trinity: Holy crap! We got to see the DC Holy Trinity lined up on screen. That was pretty amazing. It was a comic nerd’s dream in the same way we saw The Avengers together in one place. I love this, they looked so good, and it’s not even the full Justice League!


  • The Clark vs. Bruce Dynamic: I loved that the trailer opened up with Clark and Bruce meeting. This was awesome and their interaction was perfect. Bruce’s brooding criticism of how the Daily Planet writes puff pieces praising an alien yet calls Batman a vigilante. The movie is Batman vs. Superman, so I’m pumped to see these two constantly interacting and how their relationship develops.


  • The Dark Tone & Setting: The one thing I loved about MoS was its dark tone and setting. Although a very nontraditional looking Superman and setting, the DCMU is really diversifying itself with a gritty more realistic feeling take on superheroes. While there was too much destruction in MoS, I definitely didn’t mind the tone it created. I love the look that BvS is establishing so far and am excited to see this world expanded.

The Cons:


  • Alexander Luthor Jr.: We heard that Jesse Eisenberg was cast as Lex Luthor, or, apparently, Alexander Luthor Jr.. While I’m glad to hear that he isn’t his father, the portrayal of the character has me scratching my head a bit. As many have already stated, the trailer makes him feel like the Joker and he’s a little too quirky for my taste. The trailer reveals that he seems to be the one pushing Batman and Superman to fight one another, but we’ll see his full plan in the movie. What really bothered me about Eisenberg was that we saw too much of him. I would have loved to have seen the quick clip of his excitement that Clark and Bruce have met and how he loves bringing people together, but cut it there. I know and believe that Eisenberg can pull off the dark brooding evil moments like in the Social Network, but this trailer was definitely not what I had been expecting from the character.


  • The Doomsday Reveal: Along the same lines as seeing the holy trinity together on screen, seeing Doomsday was amazing. Seriously, it’s crazy to think this character is going to come to life before our eyes; however, I’m disappointed they revealed it now. We were under the impression that Luthor was the main villain and from previous clips knew he recovered Zod’s body, but just gives us the Doomsday roar and leave the mystery for the actual film. The character felt a little more CGI that I would have liked, but he still looked cool nonetheless. I’m just disappointed that they showed him because it would have been a phenomenal reveal that I would geek out on in the theater.
  • It’s a Long Revealing Trailer: The movie trailer standard has turned into releasing long theatrical mini-movies that usually reveal too much. The Batman V. Superman trailer does exactly that, and is what really put a sour taste in my mouth when it was all said and done.  The editing was off and chose to display a long string of moments that sort of spell out the plot of the movie. The theme of this is Batman and Superman seeing each other as threats only to realize that they are better off working together because they believe in the same cause. This trailer sort of kills that whole idea. As I said before, I loved seeing the holy trinity on screen, but I think it would have been smarter to just keep Doomsday out and show Wonder Woman drop in. In my opinion, that would make the comedic line, “I thought she was with you,” land better because it doesn’t disrupt the tension that the Batman & Superman vs. Doomsday establishes. I really loved the teaser and the SDCC trailer, but felt like this was too much.


I really want this movie to be good. I don’t see anything as a competition between Marvel and DC, because both are so amazing in their own right. The DCMU is definitely diversifying itself with a darker more realistic tone, and I’m hoping it can accomplish that look and feel within all of the characters. I almost wish I hadn’t seen this trailer because I loved the idea that anything was possible in this movie, and no matter what, it would be about the entire dynamic between the Batman/Superman relationship. It would have been nice for them to not give us a skeleton of the plot and save all of the fun stuff like Doomsday and Wonder Woman for the actual movie. The scenes look pretty cool, but this was just a classic case of a trailer that is too long and revealing.

What did you think of the trailer? Let me know!!


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New Batsuit will be “Total Reinvention”

New Batsuit will be “Total Reinvention”

I found this article about Jennifer Garner claiming the new Batsuit is a “total reinvention” and “unbelievably cool”. I hope they don’t screw this up. I can’t see Ben Affleck doing anything too extreme, and all I’ve really seen him say so far is he likes the shorter ears from the Batman Noel Batsuit, which I think is cool.

I wonder when we’ll get to see the first images of the Batfleck, and even Wonder Woman too.  I’m definitely excited to see the next installment to DC’s movie universe, but really hope they can do it right. Maybe the 10 month delay is because they really want to take their time.  I hope.

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Gotham is Coming to the Small Screen!

Gotham is Coming to the Small Screen!

Looks like Fox is developing a television show about a young James Gordon and his days in the force going around Gotham.  Batman will not be in the show, but I like that so much because the villains still will be.  Now, I’m expecting this to do what I’m hoping Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will do; showcase minor heroes/villains that are awesome and important but don’t make it to the movies. Gordon could encounter Nightwing, Deathstroke, Killer Croc, Victor Zsasz, Catwoman, who knows.  There is just so much source material to pull from that I think this will be an awesome show! I’m excited to hear more!

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Affleck is Batman!

Affleck is Batman!

Wow, so as I’m packing more stuff for school, I come back and just like that….BOOM, Ben Affleck goes from being a candidate who “doesn’t have much interest” to landing the role.  Honestly, I have no idea how to feel about this.  I love Ben Affleck, not totally for his acting though. He looks the part for sure, but I just can’t picture his voice fitting the almighty Bruce Wayne, yet, half of me thinks it could be okay? I have  no idea right now.  Either way, huge announcement because DC is really getting their universe into shape and this Batman choice is going to be at least for a couple of movies. He’ll appear in Man of steel 2, then the Justice League, and after that we will certainly have more Batman films.  

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Review

ImageI woke up pretty early this morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep, so I decided to check out the new Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. This was probably the first animated superhero movie I have watched in 5 or so years, and boy did I miss them.  This is going to be a full on spoilers included review, so if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t read any further unless you don’t plan on watching!!!


I really enjoyed The Flash being the center focus of the film because he was my childhood favorite superhero; growing up on the Justice League and Teen Titans animated shows made this movie seem familiar and comfortable in a lot of ways.

The plot that surrounded The Flash was just spectacular.  Alternate universes never fail because pretty much anything is fair game, and I love that.  The creativity in The Flashpoint Paradox, let’s refer to it as TFP from now on, I don’t want to keep typing that out. The creativity flourished in a world that features Thomas Wayne’s Batman, war between the Atlantians and Amazonians, and a Superman who is locked up by the government.

Amazing ideas.

Especially the Batman plot line.  I listen to multiple of Kevin Smith’s SModcasts, one being Fatman on Batman, and he discusses this movie in one of his weekly sit downs.  He points out the significance of the letter Thomas Wayne gives to Flash to deliver to Bruce.  Remember, Barry talks about how he still retains the memories from the alternate universe, meaning that it really happened in their current universe but it was just temporarily altered, therefore Barry keeps the memories of his mother.  This also means that Thomas Wayne was Bruce’s actual father, not an alternate.  Before he opens the letter, he pulls down his cowl.


Kevin Smith points out that this importance of this moment is because the night Bruce witnessed his parents die, he died too and turned into Batman.  That it changed who he was and his whole view on life, which is why in the animated movies we always see him in costume.  It’s who he is so even though they are just hanging out not really doing anything in the Batcave, they still stay in uniform.  This is the first time that Bruce emerges when he receives contact from his father, and as a result we see tears fall onto the letter and he just says to Flash, “you’re one hell of a messenger”. It’s pretty touching, especially because it’s Batman.  Kevin Smith really words it beautifully, so if you want to hear more on that whole sub-plot, check out Fatman on Batman.

Another thing I thought was awesome in TFP was my bad-ass first experience of an adult  Cyborg character.  I’ve only seen him in the original Teen Titans show so this was an awesome next step and I loved that Michael B. Jordan did the voice for the character.  Cyborg had a decent role in this but I just enjoy his use of weapons and technology. At the very beginning of the movie, in the original universe, each hero has to diffuse a bomb and they use their own techniques.  Cyborg and Aquaman probably had the coolest solutions; Cyborg just has these wires come out of his arm and he shuts it down, while Aquaman has one million microbes eating the wires of the bomb.


Cyborg’s crazy wires

The Atlantian and Amazonian plot was interesting, a nice supporting plot detail that really set the tone for this alternate reality.  That is a really important key to creating a new universe, and it was well done in this.

As for the ending, I though it was good. Barry realizes that he was the one that caused the shift in reality.  He ended up saving his mother’s life which created a ripple across time that changed everything into what we see throughout the film.  Yet, in the end, he is able to let her go and keep the memories, thus, setting everything back to normal.

That’s pretty much it, this was a solid animated superhero film.  TFP was my first taste of DC in awhile, but it did not let down.  It’s only an 1 hour 20 minutes and if you have the time to check it out, it’s a fun and heartwarming story set in an alternate reality that will make you want to call up your parents and tell them you love them.

Also: If you enjoy my posts, please follow me! I would really appreciate it and just want to spread my blog to everyone who would enjoy it! Thanks!

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Will Bale Don the Cowl One More Time?

Will Bale Don the Cowl One More Time?

The title should link y’all to an article revolving around a book called Beyond Batman and talks about how there is still a chance we will see Christian Bale suit up as our favorite caped crusader.  Supposedly he is being offered 50 million to return as Batman sometime in the future, and that is pretty tough to pass up.  We still have to wait and see, but definitely some interesting news!

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: ComicCon Superhero Breakdown

Ahh… summer. Besides getting to relax a little more, have long days and warmer weather, and head to places like the mountains or beach, the summer brings forth so much more for us nerds.  For me, personally, summer comes down to three things that are just about finishing up; first, there was E3 for my gaming news, the Steam Summer Sale (last day today *tear*), and the biggest and best one………


This is my favorite thing ever, movies, games, television, cartoons, anime, anything! Cosplaying, that’s super rad too, when I head to the con next year I’m gonna try to pull some light cosplaying if I can plan in advance.

However, if you have been following movie news anywhere, you have heard all of the awesome new updates in the cinematic universe! Let’s get right into it!

DC kicked off with some big news further forming their hero universe with one picture confirming something that everyone has been waiting for… Superman and Batman together in the same movie! Hell yeah! While I’m a huge Marvel junkie, how can you not love both companies and be thrilled to see two of the most iconic superheroes share the screen? Now we all await the big question of who will be playing Batman?

Next, DC also announced their plans to follow up the Batman/Superman film in 2015 by giving the Flash his own feature in 2016 and then we will (finally) see a Justice League movie in 2017. It’s good to see DC finally moving forward with their universe and I’m excited for even more superhero films.

Transitioning to Marvel now…

So, we get some new posters and logos for the already upcoming Marvel films Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World.

Then the first huge news that got me super excited came when the Guardians of the Galaxy cast was brought out and we got to see the concept art of what the cast would look like as the characters.  There was also a display for the film featuring some props like Star-Lord’s famed helmet/mask, Drax’s blades, and surprisingly cool some Nova Corps guards.  While I think the Nova suits are pretty pathetic, everything else was really cool! Karen Gillen even shaved her head for her role as Nebula, super cool dedication right there!

Guardians is what got me back into comics; Star-Lord is my favorite superhero and I think that Chris Pratt is perfect for the role.  I love him on Parks and Rec where we see his humor, yet he can be a manly badass (Zero Dark Thirty), so I think he has huge potential to be the next RDJ/Iron Man type casting where he literally is the character.  Either way, I’m pumped that this is a year away and think with the cast and potential plots will make for a great movie.

Then there is Ant-Man, which is going to be cool, but no real news about this besides Edgar Wright confirming that he has the script completed. I’m really curious who is going to play Ant-Man and the more important role of Hank Pym.  Two names I’ve seen people suggest on the internet that I absolutely love are Nathan Fillion (who already has ties with Whedon) and Aaron Eckhart (who Marvel has recently expressed that they want to work with). I think that these two could do a great job of being one of the smartest scientists in the world while also being physically fit enough (especially Eckhart after I,Frankenstein) to play the role of a superhero.

Finally, the biggest piece of news from Marvel……..

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The second Avengers film will follow up with the awesome villain Ultron, and his super adapting artificial intelligence won’t be as easy of a foe that the team faced the first time around. I’m excited to see them bring Ultron to the screen and continue to make all of us comic lovers able to watch our favorite characters and villains in the theater.  I also think this will heavily tie in with Vin Diesel’s currently secret casting.  I love Vin; Riddick is awesome and I have a weak spot for the Fast and Furious series, but Vin could easily pull off a superhero.  I would have loved him as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians, but people are speculating that his great robot voice (The Iron Giant) will bring a nice Ultron or Vision to the films, and whichever will keep him in the franchise for longer is the one I want him to be.  

There is a lot going on with superheroes in movies, I’m pretty excited after this ComicCon because the Marvel universe is always expanding and I’m thrilled to see the cosmic stories coming into play more.  My ultimate dream would be to see Marvel get the rights to Spider-Man and the X-Men back and make a House of M movie. But… returning to reality, I’ll easily take everything they are giving us right now!

The superhero movies are only multiplying and getting better as they go, so going forward we have a lot to look forward to! This was just a quick roundup of what’s going on, I thought it would be a solid first post, but I’ll be back soon with more news from ComicCon!

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