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Suicide Squad #1 Review: One Step Away From Greatness

Suicide Squad #1 builds upon the same idea that the past books have and quickly establishes the premise of Amanda Waller gathering various super villains to fight as a team on black ops missions nobody else will know about. With the recent release of the new movie, Suicide Squad is a popular topic and probably one DC wants to push in their new Rebirth series. While the individual members of the Suicide Squad are lovable, the story and idea feels overworked at this point. The book, which is only one issue in, needs to quickly get past the introductory portion and move into the team going on cool adventures.

Rob Williams hasn’t done anything bad so far from a writing standpoint, but it would be really nice to see him break things open and send readers on a wild ride with this team. Suicide Squad has the opportunity to be a great book, but it needs to get readers attached to the characters and put them in moral grey areas that leave people questioning whether to support the individual character they like or the team and what is morally best for the situation. Villains as heroes is a really fun topic to explore, but if they can set it up to make these villains likable, then it should become a complex and fun book.

The art so far has felt pretty standard, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The legendary Jim Lee is working with Scott Williams on this book, and Lee’s style is so traditional to comics that you can never not enjoy it. There are definitely some more unique artists around, but Jim Lee really set the bar for comic book art and he continues to bring great style, technique and detail to his work. There were tons of great scenes in this book and each panel has so much detail to it that the pages feel very thorough. For Suicide Squad there is always a lot going on because there are the individuals as well as the team aspect which set up for Lee and Williams to deliver some beautifully drawn scenes.


Suicide Squad #1 hopefully gets all of the set up and origin out of the way for the most part, because the majority of readers are already familiar with that information. Once this book finds its footing and is given the ability to focus on the missions, it should be a ton of fun to read.



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The Walking Dead 120 Review

The Walking Dead is easily the one comic I keep up with from month to month.  As soon as I heard the television show had a comic that it was based off of, I knew I had to check it out, and since I’ve done that, the show has almost become an afterthought.  The thing I love about the Walking Dead comic series is just how fast the plot lines move and makes the previous obstacle for Rick and his gang look like nothing.  Right now, we are still in the All Out War event which we know will last, at least, until issue #126.  Right now I am loving this event because it feels like the first time Rick is actually being strategically challenged by his enemy.  Negan, while majorly messed up and a complete psycho, is really well written and just keeps pushing Rick to the edge.  One of our first meetings with Negan he (sadly) bashed Glenn’s skull in, and in issue #120 he’s now tossing endless grenades over the walls of Rick’s village.

So issue #119 ended with a cliff hanger counter attack from Negan and his army where they released a walker Holly into the camp and she ends up biting Denise the doctor.  This is a pretty important loss for Rick because you need a doctor… but she also gets distracted by Heath getting hurt and forfeits her possible survival to save him.

Things seem pretty bad for Rick at this point.  Lots of people are going down left and right, until luckily they are cut a break by 1. Dwight helping out Rick’s group and killing some of the Saviors that he is leading, then supplying Jesus with their stock of grenades, and 2. Maggie showing up from the Hilltop to help out with reinforcements.  As the battle wages on her flank causes Negan and his goons to scatter and eventually back off or else they will lose.  While Rick and the other main characters seemed to have survived the barrage of grenades, they are still in this. Negan thinks they have won but I guess we’ll find out what happens next.

Overall, I enjoyed this comic a lot.  I am really excited to see where All Out War goes because it’s supposedly going to be drastically different afterwards.  I’m just curious how long Rick can keep up these shenanigans of taking down everyone he meets along the way, I mean, just how long until he dies or loses another person closest to him like Carl or Andrea?

Well… Issue #121 of The Walking Dead is out February 12th, make sure to go grab it!

What did everyone think of this issue?

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Kick-Ass 2 (Comic) Review

About a week ago I finished up the second string of Kick-Ass comics just before the release of the film.  Then in the midst of packing and moving stuff down to my school apartment, I never got around to writing a review, until now.

Kick-Ass 2 picks up with Dave and Mindy living their lives like semi-normal kids but adding in super intense training everyday to better fend off criminals and wrong-doers. However, quickly into the first issue, Marcus confronts Mindy on a secret stash of weapons he finds hidden within her floor and makes her promise to give up being Hit Girl and fighting crime.  Meanwhile, Dave is still policing the streets as Kick-Ass but he is doing a team up with the first new hero we see, Doctor Gravity.


Colonel Stars looking mean

After teaming up, we are introduced to a whole group of superheroes known as Justice Forever and is led by Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes, two bad-ass looking, America representing masked vigilantes. These are the staple characters going forward and they all look really cool.  The biggest thing I love about these comics is how creative it is for a superhero comic.  The first string of comics and the movie were a different take on the superhero genre, so it’s always cool to see new costumes.

From here the series builds to what will be a straight up battle of good vs. evil which will probably get interesting because everyone can die and there are no actual superpowers.  Everything that happens along the way in these comics keeps the same extreme tone of the first one and actually, I would say even goes further than the original.

Yet, when looking past the substantial amounts of violence and crisis, it becomes justifiable to reveal just how psychotic the newly re-named, Motherfucker (Red Mist) really is.  It is the same for the other characters, there is more development for everyone and the universe is hopefully expanding for future installments.

The artwork and writing are the same, so no problems or surprises there.  The heroes and villains are all so well-done; how they are drawn and written.  It’s hard to be unique with superheroes nowadays, but Kick-Ass is something of its own.  The comics are relatively short and can be completed in a day because there are only seven issues.  It’s fun, it’s short,  it’s more of the same, and its purpose seems to be a foundation to build the next film upon.  If you like the movies, check the comics out!

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Wolverine is Back!

The Wolverine…. was just fantastic!

I just got back and am now realizing just how much I’ve been missing some Wolverine in my life.  Seriously, this movie was awesome.

The film provided awesome comic book scenes that bring the, thought to be unrealistic scenes, off the paper in another great addition to Marvel’s cinematic universe.  Although we won’t see Wolvie in the Avengers anytime soon, Jackman continues to give a brilliant performance as one of the best comic book characters in a revived X-Men universe.

The film takes place in Japan where Logan finds himself with a dulled healing power that makes him near-human. This lets everyone see just how much of a beast Logan really is because he is taking bullets and bleeding but still raging onward destroying anyone who gets in his way.

Eventually he faces off against the badass Silver Samurai, which was revealed before the movie even came out but it was as good as it looks.  The action was good and a nice break from CGI but the Samurai was really fucking cool.  The battles that the two characters share were exactly what I wanted and re-sparked my interest in Logan and his story.


This film is definitely a must see if you have interest in the MCU or just superheros.  You can’t go wrong with the Wolverine and this definitely brought him back.  There was a scene after 2-5 minutes of credits that picks up two years later with Logan in an airport.  The television screen is displaying a “Trask Industries” commercial and Logan knows something is off.  Metal starts shaking and you guessed it, Magneto is behind Logan and needs his help.  Then everyone freezes. I start losing my shit, my girlfriend is like “quiet calm down” and I can’t because Charles Xavier comes out!

Oh how it’s been too long since we have seen these two.  However, they say they need Logan to help stop a huge mutant threat that is the sentinels.

X-Men is definitely fucking back! I loved First Class and The Wolverine has just gotten me pumped to read and see Days of Future Past which is an amazing story from what I know already!

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