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The Walking Dead 121 Review

Alright, so here we are entering the final chapters of the All Out War story line.  Issue 121 of The Walking Dead comic is chapter 7 out of 12 in this run, which technically begins the start of All Out War: Part Two, and is setting up for the end of this arc which has been very intense so far.

In this issue Eugene and the bullet makers for Rick’s side get compromised and captured by Negan and his gang, meanwhile everyone else just seems really tired from this war and unable to stand the casualties it has cost them. It turns out everyone is going to relocate back to the Hilltop with Maggie and her crew.

It seems like there is going to be one last major battle between Rick and Negan that takes place at the Hilltop, which will probably work to Rick’s advantage.  It obviously really hurts to have Eugene in Negan’s possession, but I really hope he holds out somehow and doesn’t end up supplying them with the ammunition.

Either way, I think that the reason Negan will be defeated is because of Dwight. We know he’s secretly on Rick’s side, and proved it by killing Negan’s men and giving Jesus the grenades.  I think he’s possibly been getting a group together to turn on Negan, which could come as a nice flank for Rick in a battle…

There have been a bunch of deaths so far in All Out War, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more in these next five issues.  That’s plenty of time for a lot to still happen, and this will probably have a very big and thrilling end because Negan has been the toughest challenge that Rick has faced so far.

Overall, I thought that issue #121 was relatively boring and was mainly set up to kick off All Out War: Part Two, but I’m really excited for the rest of this story.

Important Parts:

– Eugene has been caught by Negan. Ouch. Hopefully he holds out.

– Rick’s group is moving to the Hilltop. Could be an advantage in positioning.

Minor Parts:

– Heath said goodbye to Denise. I think that this will cause him to rage and either blame Rick or aim his anger towards Negan and become a huge asset.

– Ezekiel and his people are possibly leaving, but are considering going to the Hilltop with Rick and gang. I think they’ll head to the Hilltop, or return in a final battle.

What did everyone think of this issue? Drop a comment below and let me know how you see the All Out War story unfolding!



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The Walking Dead 120 Review

The Walking Dead is easily the one comic I keep up with from month to month.  As soon as I heard the television show had a comic that it was based off of, I knew I had to check it out, and since I’ve done that, the show has almost become an afterthought.  The thing I love about the Walking Dead comic series is just how fast the plot lines move and makes the previous obstacle for Rick and his gang look like nothing.  Right now, we are still in the All Out War event which we know will last, at least, until issue #126.  Right now I am loving this event because it feels like the first time Rick is actually being strategically challenged by his enemy.  Negan, while majorly messed up and a complete psycho, is really well written and just keeps pushing Rick to the edge.  One of our first meetings with Negan he (sadly) bashed Glenn’s skull in, and in issue #120 he’s now tossing endless grenades over the walls of Rick’s village.

So issue #119 ended with a cliff hanger counter attack from Negan and his army where they released a walker Holly into the camp and she ends up biting Denise the doctor.  This is a pretty important loss for Rick because you need a doctor… but she also gets distracted by Heath getting hurt and forfeits her possible survival to save him.

Things seem pretty bad for Rick at this point.  Lots of people are going down left and right, until luckily they are cut a break by 1. Dwight helping out Rick’s group and killing some of the Saviors that he is leading, then supplying Jesus with their stock of grenades, and 2. Maggie showing up from the Hilltop to help out with reinforcements.  As the battle wages on her flank causes Negan and his goons to scatter and eventually back off or else they will lose.  While Rick and the other main characters seemed to have survived the barrage of grenades, they are still in this. Negan thinks they have won but I guess we’ll find out what happens next.

Overall, I enjoyed this comic a lot.  I am really excited to see where All Out War goes because it’s supposedly going to be drastically different afterwards.  I’m just curious how long Rick can keep up these shenanigans of taking down everyone he meets along the way, I mean, just how long until he dies or loses another person closest to him like Carl or Andrea?

Well… Issue #121 of The Walking Dead is out February 12th, make sure to go grab it!

What did everyone think of this issue?

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